Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

It is now officially the Christmas season. There are christmas tree lots everywhere, and in the common's at school there's a huge christmas tree in the middle of a rotunda, or however you spell it. And here in my cozy little dorm room I have my own little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree which I find incredibly delightful.

I put it up as soon as I got home from Thanksgiving vacation, and now it's taken up residence on top or our white microwave and black refridgerator, who we've appropriately named Ebony and Ivory.

Hopefully soon enough we'll have a blanket of snow on the ground and everything will really start looking a lot like Christmas.
My brother told me that our tree was pretty pathetic because it didn't have any gifts under it. I told him to just wait and see, because I'm willing to bet that before we leave on Winter Break, there will be plenty of "presents" underneath it. haha.

The people in my hall always laugh when they see our little tree through the open door into our room. They have a hard time believing that I really got one. Daddy bought it for me at Shopko. It was a three day sale and I said "Get two!" which made my mom crack up with laughter. She always likes it when I come home because I always make her laugh. I like to make her laugh. :-)
This Christmas is going to be different, I think, than any other Christmas I've ever celebrated before. But I think that's part of growing up. I don't think things are supposed to stay the same, no matter how much we may want them to.

So my little Charlie Brown tree has me smiling and thinking, am I really go to enjoy this Christmas as much as I have other Christmases in the past? The answer to that question is yes. A great woman once said, "I've learned that a greater part of our happiness comes mostly from our disposition and not our circumstance." - Martha Washington.


  1. "It's not a bad little tree, really, Charlie Brown. It just needs a little love." --Linus


    I'm so proud of you.

  2. Princess M just saw this picture and said, "What is that?!"

    After a brief explanantion, she said, "That's even smaller than Papa's tree!!!"



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