Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowmen, Snowangels, and Things of the White Fluffy Sort

I love the snow! And when I woke up Saturday morning with a stomach ache and the need to scavenge for ali's tums, the open curtain for her window caught me a little off guard.

It's funny because on friday I was just thinking - this is December already! Why is there no snow? December should have snow!! And then the very next morning - BAM! The snow is here!

So I stumble back into my room after swallowing two tums looking for a drink of water. The snow amazes me, and after my water is all drunk I pull a sweatshirt over my head. So exciting this snow!

The lounge is empty and so I sit myself at the piano and turn toward the windows to watch it become winter outside my cozy spot. I gingerly touched the piano keys and then decided to jam out playing Joy to the World and a so-so rendition of Silent Night which I only partially remember how to play. I butchered it thoroughly and was glad that I was the only one in the lounge to hear my horrendous attempt.

Bored with the piano after my failed song, I moved the to the benches in front of the window which are right over the heater. Hard to explain, but if you saw it, it'd make sense. haha. Anyway, the snow is falling thick and covering the whole world in white fluffy goodness. My heart is smiling and happy and joyous. I love snow and all of sudden I'm in the mood for some hardcore Christmas music. But I got nothing. So here I am, sitting in an empty lounge on a heater bench, watching it snow and I just start singing. Let it Snow is a good one and so is the one who's name escapes me...but it goes "in the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is parson brown" yeah, you all know the song - don't lie. But I think I sang it like five times before I finally decided to return to my room.

Thank you Jesus for the snow! The only thing this complicates is getting back home. The road is kind of dangerous, but whatever happens I'll be okay. I'm sure of it. Mmmmmmm, I loooooooove snow!

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  1. :) It makes me so happy to read that!

    BTW - Princess M has also been singing "Winter Wonderland" the last few days, but we've been doing no walking in it! It's far too cold out!!! Hopefully next weekend it will warm up and the snow will be fluffy instead of frigid.

    Can't wait to see you for Christmas!

    Love, Aunt C


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