Monday, December 15, 2008

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

The first snow is always one of my favorite snows because that's the first time of the year where you get to see everything sparkly white. Where you appreciate the wonderous beauty of winter before you get tired of it and say, "I wish it were warm so I could go to the beach!"

So I decided to take a walk around campus this morning and see what interesting things there were to photograph. The above photos are some of my favorites from this morning.

Hopefully I'll get a better camera for Christmas and will be able to take some amazing photographs of the snow. And possibly some awesome snowboarders and skiers as well. :-)


  1. Oh, wow! I wish it were that pretty here. It's just cold with not much dry powdery snow.

    I've got to ask -- are you the one that drew the smiley face on that back window???

  2. haha no aunt C
    i was NOT the one who drew the smiley face.

    i was just walking on the sidewalk when i saw it there. i thought it would make a funny picture.

  3. It's an awesome picture!

    Wish you were here today! Hoo boy, have we got snow, snow and more snow! There's over 7 inches on my back patio, and *they* say to expect at least 6-9 more. It is so light and powdery and fluffy . . .


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