Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Whole Idea Of Being A Mature Responsible Adult Is Getting Pretty Boring

Yesterday was the first day of finals at the U of I. My first final was at 7:30 in the morning and I'm pretty sure I aced it. I knew all the answers, which is a new one for me - but hey! I'm not complaining. :-)

So the rest of my Monday was devoted to studying for Nutrition and Math and talking to M online. After a few hours, A comes into my room. What a wonderful girl. I absolutely adore her. She and B are headed to Wal*Mart because they want to get coloring books. Yes, we are four years old.

So we all pile in A's car and head down the road to Wal*Mart giggling like the little girls we all are. The first thing that catches my eye in Wal*Mart is an 8 dollar sweatshirt that's black and white striped and supergirl. Immediately mine.

We head down the aisle in search of coloring books. We are awesome - it's a fact. So there we are in the little kid toy section of Wal*Mart, four 18 year old college freshmen, and we are giggling and laughing and pulling various coloring books out of their spots. B decides to get four of them, A got a spongebob one (which I despise) and K got a couple herself.

But we're not done yet. Oh no! What good are coloring books when you have nothing to color them with? So off we go to the art supplies aisle. K has appointed herself line leader and we are all trailing behind her - trapsing through Wal*Mart like a bunch of hyperactive excited preschoolers. I'm sure we got funny looks from the other customers, but we didn't care. :-)

The art supplies call to us and we are grabbing at crayon boxes and color pencil packages. But oh my gosh! What's this? HUGE COLORING BOOKS! Of course we each have to have our own. These things cost like 5 dollars. Ridiculous, but we love it. A grabs the Cars one because that's her favorite, B goes for the big book of Disney princesses, K grabs the Disney Movies one and there I am, not wanting to copy any of the other girls and also not wanting to get stuck with the Star Wars one... Not that I have anything against Star Wars, but if I'm spending 5 bucks on something I want to like every moment of it. So I finally find an awesome Fairy one from the new Tinkerbelle movie coming out.

I've discovered Fira and have colored her a few times. The picture is the first one I colored of her. I put her in red because that's an inside joke M and I have. Red = hot. :-) So there you have it, our digression back to four year olds because we are in fact completely and awesomely retarded. :D

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  1. You are amazing! I'm so proud of you! I love, love, love it!

    And I love the new look on your blog. My oh my, you are talented! (Even if your shoelaces don't match.) hee hee . . .


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