Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hurry Up And Wait

Well I've been meaning to post blogs more often, however, being at home there is something that isn't allowing me to upload pictures. It's kind of making me angry but I want to post anyway so I'm sorry this blog is picturless, but you'll just have to deal.

So much has happened since I've been home. I had epic sledding adventures with my boyfriend. He has what's called a 'snow skate' which is like a skateboard, but for snow. Yeah, it's fun until I feel like I'm out of control and then I just biff it. Off goes the snowskate down the hill, and there is N just sitting in the middle of path watching it cascade out of reach. M's friend snatched it up when it reache the bottom and I just walked down. Ridiculous. I just need more practice though. Ha, ha.

I have also had the opportunity to decorate the house for Christmas. We have a ledge in our living room that I got to decorate. My sister wrapped herself up in some garlan that we put up on the ledge. We thought she resembled a Christmas tree. Then my brother decides to wrap himself up in a string of lights. I became inspired. He had wrapped himself in just plain white lights. So I grab a string of Poinsetta lights and wrap them all around him, draping some over his shoulders and through his fingers. My sister wants to add to the project, so she snags herself a string of colored lights and we wrap my brother, D, up in them too. Not to be too simple, I take four ornaments off the couch and place them conspicuously from the light strings criscrossing his body. The pictures came out wonderfully and I'm sad that right now I can't share them with you.

Tonight we spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a Christmas Eve celebration. Family get-togethers are some of my favorite memories. It's always fun to get to hang out with people you're related to - well, at least in my family anyways. I know there are some families out there that simply can't stand each other. I think that's a shame, but sometimes that's the way it goes. I just feel lucky that that's not the case for me and my family.

And also today is a double special day. Not only is it Christmas Eve, but it is also M's and mine 1 month aniversary. Woo hoo! It feels like it's been longer than that to me, but also it feels shorter at the same time. I think for me, time goes faster because we live in two different towns. It's definitely hard to spend so much time apart, but M and I have a theory - a couple who can survive being apart from each for an extended period of time, well, they're strong. So we figure, if we can make it through being apart then we're pretty strong. We have determined though, that we do not have a long distance relationship. We have decided to call it medium distance. One, because I'm not far enough away that I have to take a plane home, and two, because I'm close enough to come up and visit for the weekend every so often.

So anyway, tomorrow is Christmas. In my opinion it's the most offensive holiday of the whole year. More people celebrate Christmas in this country than any other holiday around this time of year. Why are we so worried about offending people? If a Jew wished me a Happy Hannuka, I would not be seriously offended. I just don't get why people are so worried about offending someone. Well, okay yeah I kind of do get it, but I think it's ridiculous and that people are way overboard in their approach to Christmas. Just relax. Look, we're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, hence CHRISTmas. It's not X-mas. It's not happy holidays. It's not about presents (although those are nice). It's not about getting the biggest and best gift. It's not about everybody else. It's about Jesus. It's about family. It's about realizing why we're here. It's about what happened on the cross. It's about life. It's a celebration of a birth. It's a celebration of love. So all the people rushing about here and there, buying this and that, and driving all around town to find the biggest and best - well just know that it's all for not. Almost all those things you buy are going to end up in some second hand thrift store next year.

Now, to be completely honest, I am excited to open my presents tomorrow morning. But I have to take time and remind myself every year that I don't need to get wrapped up in the gift aspect of Christmas. Because it is about something that is so much bigger than gifts. And this year I have no idea what awaits me under the tree, but it should be good. I know there are gifts under the tree for some members of this family that they have waited long and hard for. And I'm excited for them too.

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  1. You are so beautiful! I love you! Merry Christmas! ~Aunt C


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