Thursday, December 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

sooooo happy


having fun with the ornaments and the camera

penguin ornaments weve had since before I can remember

the raindeer. yeah, again - bored with the camera and i thought it would make a cool shot

The former two pictures are the pictures of my sister and brother entangled in their respective objects. I think they are comical and since I've figured a way to attach said photos to the blog, I've posted them here. The latter three photos are pictures of ornaments hanging on our tree and some table decorations. I was bored and so I abducted my dad's AWESOME pentax digital camera. Feeling inspired I took several pictures.

Christmas is one of my favorite days. I like it even better when we have a bunch of family milling about our humble abode. This year was a bit different. For both Thanksgiving and Christmas it's been just the six of us.

We opened presents this morning to find that my sister has been granted a Nintendo DS and my brother has recieved his much anticipated iPod Nano generation 4 with 8 gigs. My other brother has been gifted with a Rubik's Cube that has FIVE cubes. My mother has a new necklace and I got a jacket that I've had my eye on for a while. My father, however, has been given a machine nerf gun. Oh brother. What adventure can this hold? You're about to find out.

So I'm sitting in here, minding my own business and typing up this entry when all of a sudden the office door blows wide open. My sister turns around and says, "what ya doin' dad?" As to which my wonderful father whom I absolutely positively ADORE answers her with a "nothing sweetie." The door closes but only to re-open not thirty seconds later and a blast of orange and black darts rain down on my sister and me. Shrieks could probably be heard in China.

What other chaotic escapades could find us today? Well, for one we are eating duck tonight instead of the regular Holiday Ham. That should be a feast to remember. My oma down in California is eating an Italian Christmas dinner I've been told. And I still may make it over to M's today to hand his gift over. I swear, I think it's the most epic gift I've ever given anyone. I am excited. :-)

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