Thursday, December 4, 2014


So Thanksgiving, huh? 

I had two of them this year. I don't think that's ever happened to me before? Thursday was Thanksgiving with my family - a mild affair. Dad smoked a small turkey and Nathan, Miranda and I made the stuffing and mashed yams. It was just five of us, so small. 

Growing up Thanksgiving was a huge deal around these parts. My family who lived in Southern California would fly up for the holiday and we would have a house-full of people for four or five days. I looked forward to it every year and Thanksgiving was my absolute favorite holiday in the history of ever. 

But then after my grandpa passed away things changed. And this year Jimmy and Rylie's work schedules wouldn't allow them to join us either. So a feast that used to include at least 11 people was reduced to less than half the amount. I mean, what even are traditions anymore these days?

And so on Saturday Nathan and I drove down to Moscow and had a second Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

All around it was a pretty good holiday given the circumstances. Gobble, gobble and all that. 

But now, here we are December! December is just crammed full of things always. Which I guess helps make up for the fact that I spend winter in a constant state of agitation since I'm almost always cold. It's just about the best thing ever. 

Actually, I've been going to the tanning salon this year in preparation for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean and can i tell you? Laying in that tanning bed is the only 8 minutes of my day I spend warm through to my toes. Can we have summer back yet? Anyway, moving on. 

First up in December is my sister-in-law's birthday. Her first birthday as part of the family. Too bad she lives too far away to get a good home made award winning apple pie with the number of her years on it. (But I didn't get one of those this year either. 2014, you have been interesting). 

On the 8th will mark two years that I graduated college. It seems surreal. How has it been two years already and how am I that old? I get to thinking that I can still do the things I did in college without consequence. Ha! If I want to pull an all-nighter I'm basically out of commission the entire next day. Who even am I anymore? An old woman, I suppose. 

The 10th is a day of adventure! We fly out for the British Virgin Isles for a long vacation on a yacht going from island to island. Dudes, I am going to be in the sun and the sand with a drink my hand. For ten days. I can't wait!

Jimmy's birthday is the 13th. He turns 22 and just - where does the time go? Crap. 

Then! The 21st we arrive back home which takes us to Christmas Eve, Christmas, and then Daniel's birthday (somewhere in there Daniel flies back home for the holidays from his place of residence in Arizona for school) and then we have New Year's Eve. 

Shoot you guys, this is gonna be fun. 

Plus, I colored my hair super blonde. I mean, I catch a glimpse of my reflection and I do a double take. Who is that blonde girl that's always around now? Oh yeah, that'd be me. 

these are the joys of high lighting your entire head. we weren't even half way done yet.

all finished here, it had been cut and styled and it was blonder than I imagined! 

it's weird for me to go back to this color after having been brunette for so long. it's like i'm not myself with this color and i have to figure out who this blonde girl is. When I look at myself I see 17 year old Natalie instead of 24 year old Natalie. 

and then Megan braided it for me and put a flower in my hair. we had a total blast.

anyway, it's passed my bedtime. 
natalie out.

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  1. It's strange how traditions change as we grow older- I'm just now starting to notice it! I hope you have a great trip, and the new hair looks great!


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