Monday, April 21, 2014


taken on my drive home from moscow yesterday

It's funny when people from your past show up and send you requests on Facebook. I haven't spoken to you in years but welcome to my life, old friend.

Chocolate milk on cereal is probably my new favorite thing to eat. And peppermint chocolate Luna bars. And fresh, juicy strawberries. Of course accompanied by coconut water. What else do I drink these days? (chocolate almond milk. duhh.)

The neighbor lady accused me of jogging around my room at nine o'clock at night (which I was not doing) and said if it happens again she's going to report us. She can't do this because a) quiet hours don't start until 10 and b) she has no proof that I was actually making any noise that night. Her word against mine, yo. People suck. When did it become more appropriate to threaten people than to come and politely talk with them? "You guys have been such good neighbors, but I work early in the morning so if it's noisy again I'm going to report you." I mean, WHO DOES THAT. Seriously. It almost makes me just want to stomp around at night for fun.

Also, if she doesn't like any noise from her neighbors then why does she live in an apartment complex? Come on, lady. Get it together. I pay to live here too. Okay, end rant.

This weekend went by way too fast. I remember sitting on Nathan's couch on Friday, glad that it was still the beginning of the weekend and then it felt like he hugged me and it was Sunday evening and I was leaving. I think leaving is the absolute worst. I round the corner of the street in my car where his house is just out of view and even though I've been gone for literally only a few seconds, I already miss him.

I'm ready for summer. Spring is nice and all, but I want 90 degree days where I can jump into the cool lake water and hang out in my swimsuit all day. I want tank tops and jean shorts and sandals. And I want travel and adventure and camping. My brain is overwhelmed with work and so exhausted that I'm ready to just be done with all the pressure. There is so much pressure and I am so new to this and my neurons are fried.

Lately I day dream about what it would be like to go back to school and become a graphic designer. Or teach at a community art center. Or actually to just become a student again and take all the art classes the little artist nerd inside of me could handle. Someday I would like to go back to school, but for now, we'll see what the future brings. I'm still young and life could take me anywhere.

I wish I lived in a house too. I want a yard so I can have a trampoline. And a dog. I miss my dog.

Today was hard. Not for anything in particular, just that it was a Monday. My students weren't on their best behavior. The hours passed like minutes and I just haven't felt good today. I need a soak in a hot tub and to go to bed early tonight.


  1. Why would you be jogging around your room, anyway? Wow, people! Haha

  2. I think everybody is ready for summer at this point... especial teachers ;D


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