Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Is it just me or did April 2014 get here alarmingly fast? I feel like just yesterday Nathan kissed me a happy New Year in the parking lot and now here we are! The middle of Spring Break! I usually go somewhere pretty cool for my spring San Diego and Phoenix. Last year I went to Houston. This year I just stayed in Idaho, though.

Not a bad gig, since I get to hang out with that Nathan kid all week. It's pretty rad stuff.

He has been going to school and doing homework and playing Elder Scrolls Online (because he is the nerdiest). So basically what that means is I have been watching a borderline inappropriate amount of Disney movies. The old good ones. On VHS. OH YES.

I started with Lilo and Stitch (which was on Netflix, not VHS. I KNOW.) But that was just the beginning. Nathan has this closet in his dungeon basement full of old video cassettes. I was in elementary school Natalie's heaven in that closet.

After some Lilo, it was time for The Lion King. And you guys, this is how I know that Nathan is the perfect guy for me. Okay, we are having a conversation about something that I don't remember and I asked him a question and he answers through closed teeth "I'll show you when we get there." And if you don't understand why that is such a great thing, go watch the Lion King. Like, rightnowthissecond. I'm pretty sure we both sang along to all of the songs in this movie.

Then I put in 101 Dalmatians. Now, I love me some 101 Dalmatians. It was my absolute FAVORITE Disney movie when I was younger. I had Dalmatian sheets, a Dalmatian birthday cake, a Dalmatian quillow, Dalmatian stuffed animals, and I watched that movie probably six times a day. You only wish I was exaggerating. And while we're watching this movie and picking up on the adult humor you never catch as a child, Nathan remarks "This movie is so much better now!" (I tell you. This guy. He is constantly scoring all sorts of points with me. Will he ever stop being cool?)

When the Dalmatians had all been rescued, I put in Charlotte's Web. I used to walk around the house pretending that I was Fern. I'd say things like "Mama, where's Papa going with that axe?" And I would bring in an empty easter egg basket and act as if I had just collected eggs from our non existent chickens. I mean, talk about an over active imagination here. I had a glorious childhood. But I have to admit that Charlotte's Web is maybe not as good to watch as an adult...had I not been so attached to it as a child then I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much, if you know what I mean.

The next day, while Nathan was in class I watched everybody's favorite Mary Poppins. Which I think was made even sweeter since I have watched Saving Mr. Banks. (Which, if you haven't seen that movie, then it's another one that you have-to-need-to-no-excuses watch it as soon as humanly possible. Just, yes. Just do it.)

Since I watched my favorite Disney movie, I had to put in Nathan's. So the next movie on the list was Aladdin. Growing up, I didn't watch this movie. But Nathan knew all the songs and sang along, which was really funny for me and kind of made the whole movie more enjoyable. Also, I mean, the genie. That Robin Williams guy is one of my favorites.

And to round it out, I finished up with Anastacia. I give her a ha! and a hi-yah! and a woo-hah! and then I kick her, Sir! I hadn't watched Anastacia since I was eleven, so it was like watching an entirely new movie.

Right now, Nathan is with a team of students presenting a new product so I am taking a break from the reliving of my childhood. We will pick it back up though, probably with Beauty and The Beast. Nathan told me I couldn't watch that one until he was done with homework and everything so that he could actually sit and watch it. I think this is beyond hilarious. Isn't it usually the other way around here? HA.

So even though I didn't go somewhere exotic and I've been playing second fiddle to Nathan's computer, it hasn't been so bad. This is only the halfway point, too. Much more awesomeness to follow, I'm sure.

Plus, you know, hot tubs and boyfriends and well, the sun is shining now! THE SUN IS SHINING!

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