Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday

And I'm back in the small cramped dorm room that is my life. Ha ha. At least for now. School gets out in May and then I'll be in Hayden for the summer! I'm excited for summer now - especially after the trip to SD for a week. And as promised! Here are some of the pictures. :-)

This is the Lobster Pot Pie that Oma had at the Prado in Balboa Park.

We had lots of fun with her lobster claw. :-)

A heart shaped flower in the botanical garden.

Just some pretty flowers.

The fountain outside the botanical garden.

Some interesting architecture.

Me and Gramps outside the IMAX at Balboa.

The cemetery by the naval base by Point Loma.

The Point Loma Lighthouse

The cross at Mt. Helix.

We had a fun trip to say the least. I don't have a favorite moment of the trip, because I pretty much thoroughly enjoyed everything we did. But I will tell you about my least favorite part!! Woohoo!!

So we get to the airport around 10:00 to leave SD and come back home. Boo hoo. This is where Oma was crying on the inside because her favorite granddaughter had left. This is also the part where I was ready to just run all the way back to her house and forget about Idaho. Ha, ha. Anyway, we go to the end of this ridiculously long line to check our bags for our flight. I'm talking ridiculously long line.

Like a half hour later we finally make it up to the front of the line to check our bags, and the computer is freaking out at us. It's telling us that it can't complete our request and sends us back to the start page. Can you say frustration? The people behind the counter decide to help us out, although I'm not really sure how much they helped. All the lady told us was that our flight had been delayed until 2:10. Um, 2:10? Like PM? Yes. The Oakland flight was supposed to leave at 11:20 and now we were delayed until 2:10?? I don't THINK so! So they do some digging around between helping other customers and checking their bags. Talk about feeling like the second fiddle.

So they decide to put us on an 11:45 flight to Las Vegas. They tell us that once we get to Las Vegas there are two options. One - we can get a direct flight to spokane. Two - we can get a flight to Portland and then from Portland we can fly to Spokane. We are hoping to make the direct to Spokane flight out of the Las Vegas airport because that one gets in an hour sooner than the Portland flight. But at this point nothing is a for sure except for getting to Las Vegas. So off we go after we've called the mothers and the boyfriends to let them know what's happening.

We get to Las Vegas and head straight for the monitors to check the flight numbers for the gates of the possible connections we have. The direct flight is gate C12 so we book it like bats out of hell to get there and get checked in. The lady behind the counter tells us that we can only be on one standby list at a time, so Sleeping Beauty tells her that we want this flight. So she puts us on the standby list, but tells us that the flight is overbooked and we might not get on. Sleeping Beauty and I ask what will happen to us if we don't make this flight and she responds by telling us that she'd stick us on the next plane. However, this is the last flight of the day and if we don't make it, then we're stuck in Las Vegas. The Portland flight is leaving about the same time as the direct flight, so that's not an option anymore either.

The man standing next to the woman behind the counter tells us to wait a minute because he can check us through. (huge sigh of relief) He enters a few things into the computer and prints out our boarding passes. What luck! Thank you, Jesus! We are handed our boarding passes with a little over a half hour before we have to board. Sleeping Beauty and I get some food and call the mothers and boyfriends again. I'm about ready to cry when I call my mom with the good news about making the flight. It was a relief and I was also really glad that Sleeping Beauty was there with me because going through that alone would have sucked.

But we made it back safe and sound and only a half hour later than our original flight would have got us there. Sleeping Beauty's parents picked us up at the airport and my brother and one of his friends along with me and Prince Charming went to the 9 o'clock showing of Knowing - that new Nicolas Cage movie. Yeah, it was wierd. The ending was ridiculous and it flipped and flopped from being believable to being ridiculous and weird. But I did think that Nicolas Cage had a good proformance over all. Ha, ha.


  1. I am very much a cemetery type of person. I was at one in the dark this morning, "visiting" my Dad. The cemetery picture you posted has me in awe. Some of the other pictures make me slightly jealous ;-0, but I know that was not your intent. ~Mary

  2. How perfectly horrid that such a wonderful week ended with a nightmare return home. I tell you I've learned to hate flying. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, I kid you not. Perhaps you stayed too long and the air travel devils got ahold of you like they always do gramps and me. I love your pix. All but the lobster claw. My nose will never feel the same. You brat!

  3. You were bad to post the nose job you gave me with the lobster claw. I don't take this lightly.


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