Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well because, shoot. Why not?

1. I love waking up and finding unread text messages on my phone. Ones that say "love you!" are probably my favorite.

2. I like to sit in my classroom with the lights off so students won't come in and bug me in the mornings. Sometimes I just need to be alone so I can focus before school. And sometimes I need more time to be functional that early in the day.

3. I love to learn more about myself. Especially when there are those online tests you can take with paragraphs about how you react to things and why you react that way and I just sit there nodding my head like an idiot thinking "Ohmygosh that's me!" (like the fact that I'm an ISFJ).

4. I have a hard time coming right out and saying exactly how I feel about something. Now before you recoil and speak to the contrary, let me explain. I am perfectly capable of blathering on and on telling you how I feel about things that maybe don't matter very much or are possibly things that my opinion holds no weight over so it doesn't matter what I think - but when it comes to telling someone exactly how I feel about them (like, for example, telling another person really how much i love or care about them or just how upset your actions made me earlier) those words get caught in my throat and for some reason it takes a lot of effort to force them out. I get nervous about being that vulnerable to another person, so I mostly just don't.

5. A student asked me the other day what my obsession with birds and feathers is. So I'll tell you because it's really quite simple. I like to be free and wild and birds are both. Okay, good talk.

Now I guess it's time to get back to work. My prep period is winding down to an end. Boo.

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  1. I give a hearty amen to #2-5 =) I'm an ISFJ too, so now we share that along with the same first name.


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