Monday, September 16, 2013


Well you guys, it's Monday. I feel like Monday...if Monday was a feeling. And I may or may not have hit the snooze button two or three times more than I should have this'll never know. However, I don't feel like I stayed up abundantly late last night, just that I'm more exhausted than normal like, all the time these days.

It should be mandatory for schools to require nap times. Or to make weekends three days long and the weekdays only four. Mondays should be transition days, that one extra day between the weekend and the start of the week. Right?

But anyway, this weekend. Yes. Big things happened this weekend. My sweet grandmother turned 80 (what. up!), I spent time with Nathan (he is my faaaavorite!) and my little brother got engaged to the sweetest girl on the planet (woop woop!).

Nathan bought me copic markers for my birthday and I subsequently spent the next half hour testing them out. Nerrrrrrrrrrd. But seriously, I don't know the last time I was that truly excited over a present. (Thanks babe! I love you!) 

They are adorable, right? Right. SO EXCITED for them. And a wee bit jealous in obligatory unmarried old sister fashions. But mostly just so excited!

And now today we're entering into the third week of school. We are starting to settle into routines. We are starting to turn out some really cool projects. I know almost all of my students' names. It's so weird being the teacher and not the student. I mean, I get paid to show up at school everyday - who does that? Oh right. Me. I do that. And it's awesome.

these are some examples of student works. Zentangles have been such a freaking fun project to do with them all! What great results!

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  1. Yes... teachers definitely need an extra weekend day! (And only other teachers would say that because they're the only ones who know how overworked we are for our pay.)


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