Saturday, July 7, 2012

i'm trying to post more on the blog, but i make no promises

Dudes, it is hot here. I think it needs to be this warm all the time. Except that if that really was the case, I would probably never get anything done because my need to be outside would overpower my need to do work and I would just never show up for anything. Get me one of those signs that says "if you want me I'll be at the beach" because that's where I belong. The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand. Preferably a large bottle of ice water, thanks.

I went back to Moscow for the weekend to see the Boy and hang out at the house with a bunch of my friends. It's incredible how that small town still feels like home. I know the streets and the shops and the people. It's familiar and comforting and also very weird not to have a place of my own there now. I drove by my old apartment and waved at the empty windows. Hi old house. Bye old house.

But I feel like I have two homes, and that makes it hard to pick where to spend my time. On one hand, CDA is where my family lives. We have lakes and boats and things! And they all get my jokes and obscure movie references like the champs that they are. On the other hand, Moscow is where a majority of my friends still live and I can walk wherever I want. Plus, if I need to drive somewhere I can actually do the speed limit without raising my blood pressure. I swear, the people up north do not understand that it's okay to drive 35 miles an hour if the sign says 35. I'm pretty sure they interpret that as "well, I suppose you could go 35 if you really wanted to, but 25 or 30 is more acceptable." Which basically makes me want to punch everyone in the face.

As it is right now though, I am back in the land of "find a job" and watching copious amounts of cupcake wars and doctor who. I miss Moscow already. Mostly the people, especially the Boy. And all the walking! Well okay, really I miss everything. But if I could have it my way, my two homes would just merge and everyone would be in the same place at the same time. Then this whole choosing thing wouldn't exist. Life would be simpler. Yes, indeed. Or maybe the drive just wouldn't be as long. That would be nice too.


  1. Wishing you the best of skill in getting to the border crossing of "Find a Job" and "Got a Job".

  2. I know what you mean about having two homes! I feel like I have three now - Dallas, College Station, and Washington, DC. Can I just make everyone from all three cities live in the same one? That would make my life easier.

  3. This has nothing to do with your post, but I just gotta comment. On the few (very few) roads here that are only 35mph, you better drive at least 45, or you're going to get raged on. I went bonkers trying to drive 35mph in the NW. T called me once while I was in the car and asked, "Whatcha doin?" and I screamed, "Thirty-five stinkin miles per hour on a *main* road!" If you want to drive 35 around here, get a golf cart.


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