Thursday, July 5, 2012

the fourth! and things

I remember when I was younger that our neighborhood put on an annual fourth of July parade. Us kids would deck ourselves out in the patriotic red, white, and blues and ride our bikes on a predetermined route through our familiar streets. One year TheKeeper even ran into a mailbox using his head as a battering ram. We're still not sure why.

But then we moved away and grew up and forgot about our small community parade filled roots. We weren't in another parade until this year - TheMechanic marched in the big parade with the young marines. Basically because he's made of awesome. But he's related to me, so I mean, really.

And also I had to make up for last year's awkwardly horrible fourth of July "celebration" that didn't exist. I was with PC and I had to watch the fireworks by myself from his parking lot because he refused to turn off his video game and come outside with me. But such was our relationship, video games often came first and foremost in his life.

This year, however, this year was way better. We started off the night with dry ice bombs, which are simply put, the most awesome things ever. Especially when put inside a santa clause melon and blown to smithereens

Shortly thereafter we transitioned into our small fireworks display in front of the house. It consisted of a plethora of ground hogs because they are mom's favorite. They spin around on the ground like crazed tansmanian devils. We like to light off multiples at a time and watch them duel in the street. And we intersperse them with twinkly fireworks that make you go "oooooh" and "aaaah" as is tradition.

At ten o'clock on the dot the fireworks display booms loudly just beyond the tree line and down by the lake. Sitting on the back porch we have the best view, plus we're not fighting the massive crowds for standing room only observations. It was quite a night, actually. For just around fifteen minutes our backyard sounded like a war zone, but only the fun kind with pretty lights and no dying. It was quite possibly one of the best fourth of July celebrations I've ever been part of. May next year be even more fun!   

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  1. haha! I can only imagine the melon being blown to smithereans (probably spelled that wrong... whatever). We're not allowed to do fireworks here where we live... even more so this year with the dry heat. But, we did manage to get some sparklers in =)


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