Thursday, May 3, 2012

the trees are finally green again

It's that time of year again, the end of another semester. My last dead week before my last finals week. My last May in Moscow. What a weird feeling. I often think to myself 'you know, this could be the last time I ever do this.' And but wow! What a thought!

Leaving is a subject banned in conversation around my apartment. My best friend can't stand the thought of having to live without me next semester. But it's only one semester and then she will move back up north with me. We'll be reunited and it will. feel. so. good. I can already tell you.

But I have been trying to stay busy and fully enjoy what little time I do have left here at school before I take that huge jump into student teaching this fall. I went to my friends' daughter's birthday party yesterday where I lived on the wild side as I painted each of my finger nails a different color and got myself a temporary blue skeleton tattoo. Those elementary schoolers, man. They know how to party.

And after we wore ourselves out on the bouncy house and rock wall, we came home to read a book. Yes, they really do all pile on me like that. Best feeling in the world, I tell you what! Those kids. They pretty much have me wrapped around their fingers. 

To round out my day, I doodled some at work and made some prints for my final critique. It feels good to draw and sketch. And feathers! My favorite thing! There will be adventures to come, my friends, adventures filled with feathers and a very good friend! This last summer in Moscow, you will be mine! We will do things we have never done before and go places we have never been before and meet people we have never met before and it will be awesome. I'm just sure of it.

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  1. Yea for being nearly at the end! Hope finals go smoothly for you. I'm digging the nail color palette and tattoo ;)


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