Thursday, May 10, 2012

ready or not, here i come

Ladies and Gents, we have reached the end of the spring 2012 semester. This is the end of four years that I have spent in Moscow, a journey I started at merely 17 years of age. I have four days before I start my two summer courses, which will end in six weeks and then I will move away! Forever! Ah!

But of course, you all knew that already because I feel like I don't talk about anything else over here in this corner of the blogosphere. I would apologize, but school has been my entire life since I began kindergarten when I was five. My life is about to drastically change into something that I have never done before.

End of school? Shut your mouth!

As crazy as it is to realize that there is this huge light at the end of the tunnel, I'm interested to see how my life will start unfolding once it's not so structured anymore. After I graduate in December (on the 8th!!) what will happen to me? Where will I go? Who will I meet?


Sometimes I spend copious amounts of time on Pinterest. It's seriously a worse time suck than Facebook, and believe me, I love me some good Facebook time. But there are all sorts of things worth pinning to me, among them are interesting quotes, wedding ideas, food recipes, home decor ideas.

I look at all those pictures and I see possibilities.

And then I get all wanderlustful, wishing for my life to actually start. But it already has. I'm just in this weird transitional phase. So close to being done with school I can taste it, no boyfriend, no boy I'm even interested in at the moment, no job with a promising future, and on the precipice of moving to a different town.

I get so caught up with where I want to be that I forget to enjoy where I am. I am in a town where I have a lot of great friends who love me dearly. I am involved in a church that I truly enjoy being a part of and is an answer to prayer about finding Godly people I can connect with and get involved in. I am doing what I love, painting and printing and creating. I am young and wild and free.

Life will not always be this way. One day I will have bills to pay and a house to take care of and a husband to love on. So it's nice to take trips and do crazy things while I'm still here in this crazy place with these crazy people.

Dudes, it is basically summer time and I'm about to enjoy every second of it. Flip flops and tank tops. Tan lines and shorts. Camping and the smell of hot asphalt after it's rained. My absolute favorite time of year and my favorite season of life so far. I am blessed beyond words and so grateful for this whole college experience. I have grown a lot, loved a lot, and lived a lot. And the best part? It's not over yet.

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  1. Yea for summer! (Minus the whole summer school thing you mentioned though) Hope it's a great one!


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