Tuesday, December 6, 2011

well, there's that i suppose

So I have been trying to figure out how to start selling my artwork. I was contemplating Etsy or Artfire but neither of those were what I was looking for. I got the idea to try my hand at selling things on TheBlog, except that I really didn't know how I would want to go about doing that and then it just turned into a place to show my artwork. I didn't have anything listed as for sale or a place for payment. Mostly it was just this idea floating around in the deep caverns of my brain. You know how it is.

And then I went to this craft fair with my friend where we ended up selling absolutely nothing to anyone. Rude! So we decided that maybe the blogging idea wasn't such a bad one and hey! but what if we did it together? And that's what happened.

The site isn't fully functional yet and probably won't be up and running completely until January. We have a lot of art to photograph and prices to figure out. There is still a lot of work to be done, but once it's all finished and put together it will be glorious! Glorious! I tell you what!

I am going to list all sorts of things like watercolors, prints, and paintings because I am up to my ears in artwork and but wouldn't it be nice to make some money from all that hard work? Plus the fact that I'm taking three more studio classes next semester which will give me the opportunity to create even more awesome artwork. Dudes, you can't even imagine.

In changing of the subjects, there is some life news I feel that I should bring up. 1) It has been four months since I started dating Somebody-Very-Important. Four months! Did you even know? I mean but wow! I hadn't realized that much time had gone by. And 2) I decided to completely cut out dairy from my diet. No more milk. No more cheese. You know the drill. So far so good, honestly. The only time I really regret it is when people are eating pizza in front of me. But whenever I consume the moo cow products it makes me sick, so it's not worth it to me to try digesting the cheesy goodness.

Also, Christmas is coming up soon - which I think you probably already gathered being that it is December after all. I designed our family Christmas card this year, so if you're related to me you have that to look forward to. In addition to the Christmas card I'm also sending out the most awesome Christmas presents ever - so be on the lookout for something awesome, potentially. But that's all I have to say about that.


And now? Bed time. For real.


  1. Natalie, get a website from FB. They are free to anyone who has a "business." FB pages are easier to find than individual blogs.
    There is a book by Writer's Digest called "Selling Your Crafts" that would give you all the info you need to start a business. Craft fairs are hit and miss. I found that out when our family was trying to sell our cross stitch. Starting out is hard. Keep every receipt because trying to sell your work as a business will be deductible. Talk with your folks. They'll know more of the ins and outs. I also sold my writing for more than 30 years. Some years I made a lot, but not in the beginning. However, the IRS allows a new business to claim a loss for three years as you get started. Many people sell their work via the internet. You can do it too. The cards are cute, but you'd have a better chance with your artwork as it's so beautiful. Do you sign your pictures? Someday they may be worth a fortune. One never knows. Love, Oma

  2. However seriously you get into selling, I'm definitely interested. Homemade art sounds nice :)


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