Thursday, July 21, 2011

41 Days

So there are 41 days left until I'm legally allowed to buy my own alcohol and consume it in public places. You know, I'm actually kind of excited about my birthday this year. Mostly because this means that if we go out to eat somewhere I could potentially get something to drink just because I want to. Although really? It probably won't happen often...and I'm not a big fan of beer. Gross.

But I have been thinking a lot about what I want for my birthday. Usually people ask me and I just hmm and haw and mumble whatever pops into my head at the time. Mainly I ask for mulah, but I have some more ideas this time. I've been keeping a list on my desktop for the last month and a half just so I would be ready when this inevitable question hit.

So, here's a list of things I would like for my birthday (which is in 41 days, butwhoscountinganyways):

1. Money. I feel this is obvious because I am broke and money is nice. And I am broke.

2. A tablet. This would be nice for my into to graphic design class I'm taking in the fall. And it would also lovingly accompany a new Macbook Pro...but $1100 is a little extreme for a birthday. (but I'd seriously love you forever if I got a new computer. Mine is seeing the beginning of the end.)

3. There's quite a few things I'd like from The Vintage Pearl and the lady bug necklace is definitely one of them (but the cup of joe necklace also has my heart in a really big way since you know, i work with coffee and all that jazz). I'm not a big jewelry person, but I honestly have been wanting a plain silver necklace or a charm bracelet for a while now. I keep hoping someone will telepathically know and then just present me with one, but so far that's been unsuccessful. So now I'm asking. Nicely. Please? (see? nice!)

4. There's this awesome art desk that I really want from Michael's. It would come in unbelievable handy for all the art I will doing. My life is going to be overrun with paintings for the next year. Yay me.

5. Anything to decorate my bedroom walls. Seriously, those things are bare. There's some awesome decals at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are absolutely beautiful and don't involve nail holes. (I like butterflies, just so you know.)

I figure five things is good enough for now. I mean, some minions and a dastardly devious plot to overtake the world wouldn't be too much to ask for though, you think? Eh, actually that might be a little more responsibility than I would be into at the moment. Or maybe an attack bear! Or a clone who will do my homework for me...yeah, nothing can go wrong there, right? Right.


  1. Love the Vintage Pearl! Their stuff is so cute! =D And girl, you do need to get a macbook pro. I bought mine with all my graduation money and totally love it. it's my baby.

  2. Love the coffee cup necklace!! I had never seen that site..loved it! :) I hope you get some of your birthday wishes! :)

  3. The coffee necklace is so cute. [:

    Money is always a good thing to receive.
    Even though people normally don't give cash for presents.

  4. Happy birthday in super-advance=D

    Nice Blog Btw!



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