Monday, June 13, 2011

this one has a lot of pictures

Some of you may have noticed how I was conspicuously absent from blogworld this You didn't? Well, I suppose I'll just tell you where I was anyway, seeing as how you're just brimming with curiosity and all...

I went back home this weekend for the first time since the semester ended. It was for a momentous occasion, even! How special is that? It was a once in a lifetime event! You see, I have this brother. He's kind of cool and stuff. Sometimes. (I don't want to boost his ego too much, even though I don't really think he reads my blog...)

Anyway, this brother dude that I have decided that this year would be his last year of high school and he hopped on board the graduation train for class of 2011. Him and all 282 of his friends.

(he's the tall one in the middle, in case you forgot)

And while I was home I got to do lots of things! Fun filled things! The kinds of things that you can't do in M-town because there are no people here (usually) that are my friends! 

First off, I got my hair done by the amazing and talented Ariel, who I've known since high school. It's been a couple years since I spent any amount of time with her, and well, I missed her bunches. And she did a fab job on my hair. And also, I'm super bummed that I didn't get a picture of us together, so this one will have to do: 

You can't really see my hair, but you can totally see the awesome helmet that I found at Target. I tried to get PC to try on a completely lame head protector with me, but the best I could do was make him take my picture. You're welcome. 

In addition to being photographed with amazing head wear, I also got sit in (but not ride in! how rude!) my dad's new addition to our family. We call it Bumble Bee. Bumble, say hi to everyone, everyone say hi to Bumble:

(PC sitting in the driver's seat) 

Oh yeah, and I hung out with PC and our friend Pengowen, who had the most awesome shirt ever:

So there you have it. The most awesome weekend in the history of weekends in the month of June in the year 2011. Yes. Please. 


  1. I like the picture of the sunset. it's really pretty. <3
    And your helmet is cool, ahaha.

    Your weekend sounded like so much fun! :D

  2. I took a few of those pictures and I don't get credit? How rude! :D

  3. Bumble Bee! Where you inspired by Transformers coz that would be awesome :)


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