Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad

This is my dad. He pretty much rules. He's also a pretty big ski bum and he loves him some spicy food.

My dad is amazing. Wanna know why? He's a total man of God and him and my momma worked hard to bring us up right. Also? He stared cancer in the face and beat it to a bloody pulp. (He is super man, I tell you.)

Guess what else? He has a totally rad car.

Tell me that you do not love that car. You can't do it can you? That's because it's beautiful!! We have never had a car this fancy ever and every time I sit in it I grin like an idiot. Can't help it, you know? There's just something about a convertible that wins over a girl's heart. 

Plus, this picture is my dad's FB profile picture:

Proving that I am, in fact, his favorite child. pphhhbbbttt!

Happy father's day, Dad. ♥ I love you a lot. 


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