Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my favorite season

Do you know that the sun is finally shining? And the trees! They are green! It's amazing! I live for Idaho in the summer, it's beautiful. Idaho in the winter is fantastic too, don't get me wrong, but there is just something about summer that I can't get enough of.

People always pop the question, would you rather live in perpetual heat or never ending cold? I find that a majority of people always answer cold. Cold, cold, cold, they say! It's easier to put on layers, and you can only get so naked, they say! Let them have the cold, I say.

They can keep it. I would rather stand in front of a fan than shiver in front of a fireplace. But that's just me.

And also? I live in Idaho. It doesn't get 185 degrees here in the summer, though it can get up in the hundreds. And those days? They really don't bug me so much. I'll spend it at the lake, submerged with the fishes. Maybe I'm just biased though, because I was born in the summer. So perhaps that's why it's my favorite?

Or rather I really like running around in tank tops and shorts. My favorite ensemble. And flip flops! I love flip flops! Or thongs, depending on where you're from. I used to call them thongs all the time when I was little, and for the beginning years of my life I had no idea that a thong was also a type of underwear.

But maybe I love summer so much because that always meant school was out, there was no homework, and I was free to climb trees, ride my bike, pretend to be an Indian, jump on trampolines, conspire with the neighborhood kids, and cause all sorts of trouble in the great out of doors. In shorts! My legs could be free!

It doesn't get dark until 9 o'clock in the summer time. Twilight was my favorite favorite hour to be outside. Running in the grass barefoot, playing with the dog, completing expertly maneuvered cartwheels after the sun had gone down but it wasn't quite pitch black yet.

And the thunder storms! I live for thunder storms. That low rumble followed by a spear of bright white lightning! Oh! I can't get enough of that stuff.

But lately it seems that the last couple of years have taken summer a bit longer to come out. But now? Now I think she's finally here. It's supposed to be 82 tomorrow. I can't wait!


  1. I think it's those longer evenings that do it for me. I miss those the most once winter shows up. And for some odd reason your post made me think of Jelly shoes. Weird, huh? Did you have those as a kid? =D Only 82! That's like perfect! We're in the high 90's right now!

  2. I usually resist winter coming around until it snows hard, then I'm okay with it. I like winter because I get to ski, but I like summer because it's so much more comfortable. I'm okay with heat.

  3. I looove flip-flops. In Hawaii I wore them just about all the time unless I had a lot of walking to do or was going out for a fancy night.

  4. I love summer too, it's my favorite. And I like your point about perpetual summer versus perpetual winter -- I used to say winter, but I think I'll be changing my answer. Then again, I am from Texas, where 111 degrees is common. We'll see.


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