Friday, June 24, 2011

lately, june

I have been thinking an awful lot about the future lately. I wonder where it will take me? I wonder what I will do with my life? I don't think I will be a teacher forever. Mostly because I don't want to be a teacher forever.

But I do make awesome chocolate chip you know. There's always that.

However, I am thinking that I would like to just be a housewife. And raise some kiddos and sell artwork from my own handcrafted/vintage decorated beautiful house. I think that sounds perfect, but don't you?

I have also been thinking about names. I have always liked Gabriel for a boy and no one, but no one can talk me out of that one. But girls names have always been difficult for me. I fall in and out of love so easily with girls names. And I don't want one that's popular! No thank you! I will not be naming a daughter of mine Emily or Madison or Taylor. Those are not bad names, but everyone is named that it feels like.

However, I do like Tenlee. I'm not sure why, but I do. Tenlee Jane? Maybe? I don't know. It will be a long time before I have to use it though, so oh well.

This is a doodle I created at work the other day while it was slow. And then Prince Charming and Pengowen came to bother me for some fruit smoothies and a hot chocolate. I love it when my friends come bug me at work. It seriously makes my whole shift that much better.

But oh I do love my job. And now that summer school is done hopefully I can work more? Except that only time will really tell. But I have been filling out job applications too, so maybe something will turn up soon? One can hope. I am tired of being broke.

But I am not tired of thunder storms. We got our first one of the summer the other night. I was sitting on the back porch painting when the wind started to move all of my supplies anywhere it wanted and I ran around gathering up my stuff and hoping my pencils didn't fall through the cracks of the balcony.

The sky, however, was mighty gorgeous. I mean, vibrant! And pink! I just wanted to sit on the porch and stare at it until it went away, but I had to finish my painting instead. So I left window open and painted while I listened the deep rumble of the thunder. When I moved to the couch I could watch the lightning for a bit and then count to see how "far away" the thunder was, like I learned from a book I loved in elementary school. Thunder Bread? Thunder Cake? Something thunder and there was a Babushka and I read it over and over and over again.

But here is my painting, all finished. I posted about it over here on my art blog, but this is the final final painting. It's the biggest one I've done all semester! A half sheet of watercolor paper. A half sheet!

Except well, beautiful. Really. I love the little bumble bee. Too cute.

How is your summer?


  1. I like this. You always conjure up so many memories and feelings for me with those pictures. Oh, and I need a cookie, now!


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