Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today I...

Do you know something? Do you know what is good about today?

Butterscotch English Toffee Dark Chocolate 12 oz soy mochas are one of my new favorite things.

I woke up to a simple good night text from Prince Charming.

I cut and glued colored paper together in my Elementary Art Methods class.

I texted one of my friends about "Fish" this morning. She is so funny!

("Fish" is a video that we used to have to watch when the two of us were Baristas together for Campus Dining. It's about the Pike Street Market (Pike Place Market? IDK, that fish place over in Seattle). Anyways, it's supposed to motivational and give you an example of how to have fun at work and be engaging with the customers. We used to make fun of it (only because we had to watch it so many times) and in mocking tones tell each other "OMG, we are like, so FISH!")

Zelda returned to me a few of my last assignments from our ED class last semester. I looked them over, and there was a paper in there from my practicum assignment.

I smiled when I saw that my mentor teacher wrote about how I improved a lot over the course of my hours, but that I just wasn't done "cooking" yet. It made me wish we had to do more than 30 hours. For me, that just wasn't long enough!

Also, next week I start teaching my Art 100 lab section to a bunch of freshmen/sophomores.

(I'm really nervous!)

Today I get to draw more with charcoal. I'm a little out of practice, which is a little frustrating, but mostly fun.

I came up with a great idea for Valentine's Day.

And last but definitely not least in any way shape or form, today is my momma's birthday! She's so awesome.


  1. So today while I was getting my nails done I thought about you and your post from earlier. It always helped me boost my own self up when I would do pretty little things for myself. Try going and getting a mani or pedi. I personally get my nails done, go to the tanning bed, and every once in a while I'll buy a new shade of eye shadow or such. Just thought I would drop by with that.

    Happy birthday to yo momma! Haha

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I've been reading through some of your posts and have enjoyed them. Lots of giggling too! Blessings!

    P.S. I love all the posts with references to coffee!

  3. Happy Birthday fake momma'!


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