Monday, January 24, 2011

Painting Might Be The Death Me But At Least Jesus Still Loves Me

You know, I have never really worried about buying school supplies. We've always had the money, even if I had the cheap versions of what I needed. Getting the plain folders instead of the brightly colored Lisa Frank creations. Ten cent spiral notebooks instead of the Five Star multi subject notebooks. At least I had what I needed, right? Even if it wasn't always what I wanted.

Last semester I headed into the school year with six hundred dollars in my bank account left over from my summer job as a camp counselor. That money went towards my textbooks, supplies for my Printmaking class, food, and sometimes dinner with Prince or a new pair of shoes. I was making about 200 dollars a paycheck from the coffee shop, so I was never too low on cash.

But then I went a whole month during Christmas vacation without working or getting paid, and even though I didn't spend an inordinate amount of money, because I had no new cash flowing into my bank account, it started to dwindle. And I ended up starting out Spring semester with less than 200 dollars to my name.

And that money has been spent on more school supplies and food. I am in two studio classes this semester, and one of them is Painting. Now, I've never really like painting - it's always been my least favorite art medium. For multiple reasons - it's expensive, I hate getting it on my clothes, and I hate trying to figure out how to mix colors.

All those starving artists you hear about are mostly painters. Because paint is costly. And the paint I need comes in small tubes and they cost about seven dollars a piece, depending on what color you need. They can be as expensive at fifteen dollars. And then if you want a bigger tube, well that costs even more money. Thirty seven dollars for a 200 mL tube of zinc white paint? Yeah, I'd rather die. I was glad that wasn't the kind I needed because there's no way I can afford that.

Anyway, after I depleted my bank account buying more art supplies for the most insanely expensive class this far into my college career, I cried a lot. I died a little inside. I whined about being so broke. I've never been so broke that I couldn't get school supplies. And now, I have almost no money in the bank and I still need more paint brushes and more tubes of paint.

It's ridiculous.

But then, I ran into a friend from high school on my way out to my car after lunch. He is an art major too. He asked me how I was doing, and then asked "Why just okay?" So I told him about my painting class. He asked who my instructor was and how I liked the class. I told him that so far I hated the class. We haven't done anything because not everyone had all the supplies they needed last class, and today I still didn't have everything I needed and I was just hoping that I could make it through today's three hour scheduled torture device.

And guess what?

He had some of the supplies that I was missing. And guess what else? He let me have them. Not all of them, because he still needed some, but I got some Titanium White, Crimson, two mason jars and two new paint brushes.

So, I still need a few more paints and brushes, but at least I can survive a little bit longer than I originally planned. And I just can't thank my friend enough. Or Jesus, because I feel like He planned for it to happen. I was so upset after I came out of Michael's having spent so much money on such necessary stuff, that to have what other things I needed handed to me was quite the blessing!


  1. That's so great! I love it when God randomly comes through like that :)


  2. The title of your post made me smile! :) This is what I would call fate and the planet giving you what you needed when you needed it most. It's amazing how some things can work out!

  3. How much more art stuff do you need, lovely? If you still need stuff, I could put it on my credit card for you. You could pay me back whenever. It's an option and an offer because I know you're struggling.

  4. My mom's a started out as a painter, and I know what you mean! Buying gifts for her is expensive! :D


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