Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going To The Movies

Tonight is the release of the movie Prince of Persia starring everyone's favorite Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince and guess who gets to go see it in all of its Regal Cinematic glory? That's right, me. I'm super excited. I didn't grow up with the video games though like Prince Charming did, so he's even more excited about it than I am. 

But what I love is that it's the midnight release. 

I'm old, people, I go to bed early. And by early I mean later than my parents but before 2 in the morning. So, Prince Charming and I bought energy drinks yesterday to save for tonight to ensure our awakeness and full enjoyment of said cinematic experience, lest we be falling asleep in our chairs. I usually start to drift off around 1 in the morning unless I've fallen asleep before then and I know the Prince of Persia is going to need more than an hour to tell me his story about his dagger of time. 

Besides the epic quantity of our movie theater excitement, I am not only going with just Prince Charming but also quite a few people are attending, including but not limited to TheKeeper, TheKeeper's obnoxious but lovable best friends who are like little brothers to me except that they lack the biological link, Prince Charming's friends who are more like just friends but I love them all too, and one of our co-worker's from camp who may or may not be bringing along another co-worker as well. 

There is a grand time to be had by all somewhere wrapped up in that mess. 

But I love social gatherings. Togetherness. Except I only like social gatherings with people that I know. Shove me in a room full of strangers and I will stick to myself. If I were a turtle (imagine such a thing!) I would probably just hole myself up inside my shell. I don't usually just put myself all out there unless the situation calls for it. Which is few and far between. Like blue moons made of cheese. 


On a different note but still kind of similar to the whole 'togetherness' notion I was speaking of earlier, my grandparent's are coming over for lunch today. They're trying to sell their house so they can move to Arizona to be by my mom's little sister and her husband and darling daughter. I don't want them to go. Honestly, they haven't been around much in my growing up years and since they've been over in Spokane it's been nice having them around - only to disappear again? 

We'll see what happens.

But anyways, their bodies will be occupying our house while unknown humans walk through their house. Because of the whole 'maybe we are moving back to Arizona deal' they're having an open house to see if anyone will purchase their home, you see. And since it's an open house they are not to be present which means since I'm home from school and not working yet I get to hang with them. 

We're having chicken. 

(And if you'd like to read a review on the movie tomorrow after we see it, head over here to read what Princey has to say about the film. :-) )


  1. Oh yay you pimped out my blog even more for me! :p

    I AM excited for the movie. I'm not expecting a game adaptation but something with fan service.

    Anyways, I'm off to post even more bloggage and I'll see you tonight babe! :D

  2. I love me some Jake, but I'm not sold on this movie.

    You will have to give a review of it later.

    Hope you stay awake!


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