Monday, March 22, 2010

You Know Your Monday Will Be Fun When

-You wake up after one of the weirdest dreams of your life which involves you trying to puncture water blisters with a rusty safety pin

-You decide to wear dressy shoes with your 'nice' shirt and discover your shoes love you less than you love them

-In thanks for trying to look cute, the universe give you the big blisters you dreamed about and now your feet ache

-The under wire on your favorite bra snaps in half and poke you all day because you can't go home an change it

-You walk across campus barefoot because to wear your Devil heels requires too much effort and pain

-Your shoulder knots up after carrying two heavy packs on one side while walking across campus barefoot

-And you realize that tomorrow even though you don't have class until 12:30, you have to work from 7:30pm to 11:30 pm right after you get out of Comm 101 at 7:20 and you really don't want to.

So far, I've been back from spring break for one day and I already can't wait until summer. It'll be back to camp for me again this year. I'm totally looking forward to it. Most of my favorite people will be there!!

And all that stuff with my job that was freaking me out? Yeah, it's coming together. Slowly but surely. I'm going to meet with the lady who bought Java because, after talking to her about it, she wants to keep me on at her shop. It looks like I will still get to work in the Admin Bldg after all! 

I think a nap is in order. We'll go from there.


  1. hey. thanks for following my blog!
    =) hope your days get better as the new semester progresses!

  2. Sorry about your day.
    A little less sorry for giggling about it a little bit.


  3. that. sucks.
    I've personally decided NEVER to wear heels ever again. I ALWAYS end up removing them and walking around barefoot, no matter what.
    i'll stick to pretty flats for the rest of my life.

  4. I'm sorry your day has pretty much sucked. :( I hope it gets better.

  5. Bitch of a day you started.

    I hope your week improves!

    P.S. Your brother is correct about the Toaster Streudels.

  6. Oh I absolutely HATE it when the shoes you love don't love you back! But then, being the shoe-queen I am I find some way to make them work; because DAMMIT! I love them and they look good on me so I WILL wear them!!!

    Yes, I've been known to suffer for my shoes (and have been ridiculed for it too....)

  7. Eek! Your day made ME want to curl up with a cup of tea! :)

    Hope your week is better.

    (BTW, NONE of the shoes I love love me back. Ever.)


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