Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just Love Me

tell me your secrets
hug me
tell me what you're scared of

tell me what your hopes are
sing me a song
play with my hair
write me a love note

surprise me at work
take care of me
tell me a story
go on a walk with me

offer to drive somewhere
love me
talk to me
listen to me

draw me a picture
call me just to say hello
do something crazy
let go of what's holding you back

take a dive
into the cold rushing water of life
and let the current carry you away. 
do what you want to do
but include me

make me feel wanted
or don't
it's up to you. 
i've lost friends

pay attention to my needs
be my shoulder to cry on
i'll be yours. 
care about me. 

rub my shoulders
rub my feet
be curious
when i'm angry just hold me

let me confide in you
be there when things go wrong
when i'm frustrated
help me out

just love me.


  1. Thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes, all I need is someone to tell me, "I'm thinking of you."
    So thanks for that. It was pretty ironic that the verification thingy said "rest she" haha.

    AAAaannd, nice poem :)


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