Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Leave The Drama In High School Where It Belongs

Drama happens. And it seems like my life goes through dramatic phases and anti dramatic phases. Sometimes it just feels like the drama keeps piling on higher and deeper and someone stole the shovel I'm supposed to use to dig myself out of it. 

Belle has taken her obsession with Beast to a whole new level. Not only is she now into smoking pot as soon as she gets to his house, but she talked Zelda into going with her and Zelda brought back LOADS of worrisome information. Like how Beast's house is a total crap hole and there was animal poop with flies buzzing around it on the bathroom floor. Zelda was scared to even take her shoes off while inside the house.

And Beast says he's responsible for the mess because he's home all day. So he should be cleaning up because he doesn't go to school, he doesn't have a job and he doesn't do anything productive all day long unless playing video games and guitar counts. But don't worry, Belle thinks it's cute he doesn't clean. She laughs it off.

It's the pot. It's going to her head and making her brain have aneurysms. 

She doesn't stick to her word. Belle told Zelda they would leave Beast's rotting filth hole at 4 o'clock and the promptly ditched Zelda around 3. They ended up not leaving Walla Walla until after 4:30. Seriously? If you say you're going to do something, do it for crying out loud. This isn't the first time she's lied either. 

And she wonders why her parents don't trust her. I mean COME ON!

Also, Belle's car isn't in the greatest shape and she needed to send it into the shop. Then, apparently it cost more money than she had in her bank account. On Facebook she claimed she couldn't pull 300 to 400 dollars out of thin air. But she'd figure out a way to do that if Beast was involved. That makes me angry because when it comes to her real life face to face friends, she could care less.

If you try to point things out to her, she shuts you down. You just watch her head down this road of destruction but you can't do anything because she doesn't care honestly what you have to say about her life. She's going to live her life the way she wants and if you've got a problem with it, that's your fault not hers. 

She's perfectly okay with spending hours upon hours lighting up at Beast's house in a pile of filth with questionable looking laundry and dirty dishes everywhere.

It's sickening. It makes me angry. She's so different from high school. She's so not the same person I used to know, and NOT in a good way. Her and Ariel have been going down the same path, just in different directions and it feel like Zelda and I are really the only sane ones. And our sanity is questionable at best.

I just don't get it. How are you supposed to stand by as one of your used-to-be-best friends just goes down this horrible selfish inconsiderate path and you can't do anything about it because she's so stubborn and 'in love' with this guy who's a total asshole of a guy and doesn't even treat her how she deserves to be treated. 

He does all of these bad things, and has made her cry on SEVERAL occasions, but she writes them off as "isolated incidents." Well, let me just say, these "isolated incidents" happen more frequently than she'd like to admit. 

And all she does is talk about Beast. Beast this, Beast that. Zelda's sick of it, I'm sick of it, all of Belle's real life friends are sick of it. And if you're in the same room as Belle and her computer? Forget about talking altogether, she's just going to IM with her online buddies that she doesn't even know and shares entirely too much personal information with. 

I'm at a total loss here people, I don't know what to do with her and frankly, I'm sick of dealing with her drama. There's nothing but drama with her and Ariel. 

Remember when you graduated high school? Yeah, you just thought you left that world behind, but really it secretly hid in your luggage and followed you. You can't escape it. And I for one, HATE it. I'm ready to just leave it all behind. 

Seriously, I want so much to not even care right now. I just want to walk away and never look back. If she ends up with a loser Beast of a husband in a filthy garbage pit of a house with dog crap on the bathroom floor and a head full of marijuana then let her. I'm so done trying to tell her to ditch this asshole boy and find someone who will treat her decently. 

Like she even cares. 


  1. People change and sometimes not for the better. Sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs*

  2. I know how you feel. Keep your chin up. A good friend of mine always tells me that when I feel this way, the best thing I can do is pray :)

  3. I have wrestled with commenting on this for 2 days now. I'm assuming that you've talked this over with one or both of your parents. My opinion may not be popular, but sometimes you have to "shake the dust off your feet." You know that Belle is lost, and that is heart-breaking in the worst way, but you can't force her to be found. You have to pray and trust God. You can be angry - that's ok, as long as you "in your anger, do not sin." I've had to step away from friends in my life, too. And it hurts. But it's OK. Really. Wish I could give you a hug in person. You don't have to put this on your blog if you don't want to, but I just couldn't not answer you. I love you. Remember, God made you special and He loves you very much!

  4. There's only so much you can do...unfortunately, right?! Hang in there and leave the drama mama behind!

  5. Some people are supposed to be with you forever, and others only make an appearance.

    I've had to leave a lot of friends behind, and I can't say it was easy to let them go. I still look back on the good times and sigh, wishing it could have been different. I used to blame myself, but over the years it's become clear to me that they were not good friends (they were selfish, talked behind my back...), and I deserve to have better people in my life. You do too.

    Just be wary of posts like this. I got into a whooole mess of drama with a couple friends last year over a post I wrote similar to this. Not. Fun.


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