Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bad, The Annoying, and The Maybe-Could-Be-Good-Potentially

When I woke up this morning I wanted to crawl back in bed and rock back and forth in the fetal position sucking my thumb. My alarm clock decided it wanted to tell me that it was 7:12 when in fact the real time would be that of 8:12. Oh joy. I looooooooove when that happens.

And I don't even know why it does that, but it's only ever decided to change the time all by itself twice out of the entire time it's lived with me. All other days of the year we have a great relationship, but once a year in the spring time it likes to think it's smarter than I am and lie about the time hoping I won't notice.

As if that wasn't enough, I was texting Zelda today which led to me finding out that Belle is heading to Hayden tomorrow and is skipping class to do it. So I texted Belle about it and that led to a whole conversation about how she only thinks she listens to people but she doesn't really. I just made her mad at me, but I got a lot of my frustrations with her out in the open and now the ball is in her court. 

It wouldn't be as bad that she wants to ditch class tomorrow, but she's forcing Zelda to miss class as well because Belle runs on her own agenda and she doesn't even know that other people have needs. In fact, her solution to the problem was that if Zelda couldn't make Belle's plans work for her, then maybe Zelda just shouldn't go. That mindset is precisely our issue with her.

Not to mention she's dating a guy that live in a crap hole and beats his own dog. 

So now she's mad at me, and I'm not sure if I made things worse for Zelda because she lives with Belle. Belle likes to talk a lot. She likes to talk a lot about stuff she has big opinions on, but almost no base knowledge. And she gets angry when people don't ask her side of a story. You want to know her side of the story? We don't ask because it's always the same. It's her making a lame excuse that has nothing to do with why she did or did not do something and then she goes off about Beast. 

If your tiff has something to do with Beast her excuse is that 'you just don't know him that well. It makes sense if you know him.' Let's just say that I'm perceiving issues the same way everyone else perceives them and Belle is in total denial. 

It's really quite a shame that she is so far removed from reality that she can't even treat her own friends like people anymore. 

Switching the subject to something more positive, today was payday. Tomorrow after I hibernate in my bed blogging, facebooking, and searching for useless youtube videos I will eventually make it to the bank and then eventually to Hayden for the weekend.

We are bringing LadiesMan with us this weekend to fully experience the awesomeness that is North Idaho. Should be good times. 

And also the 's' key on my laptop has decided to be annoying. So now I have to push it extra hard, just like I have to do with my 'p' button. I think it's funny that it's the 's' and the 'p' because it makes me think of salt and pepper. Both of which I like on scrambled eggs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch mind numbing music videos and potentially eat some dinner while I avoid thinking about Belle because her ignorance makes me angry. And I want to be done being angry.


  1. Now I want scrambled eggs. With pepper.

  2. I don't know if this place you call your "home" is all that awesome... I mean come on. :P JK

  3. Oh goodness, I have yet to see Belle. So I'm not sure how things are going to go... I've decided that with the night I've had, I'm not going to concern myself with it now. I have a shower and an exam to study for...

    I can sleep when I get to cd'a, if I still have a ride, hah. Plus, I may be able to talk daddy to dinner and movie night with mommy. :) Which will equal happy times.


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