Monday, February 8, 2010

Smoochie Smoochie

This week at IHeartFaces the theme is kissing. Since, after all, V-Day will be here shortly. When people talk about kissing pictures, this one always comes to mind:

Those two people are my parents and they are very much in love, and have been for over 20 years. They have four beautiful children who they torment and are tormented by every day. They've created a household built on God and love. I couldn't be more blessed to have two of the most awesome parents ever.

So to check out more awesome and amazingly beautiful (and sometimes comical) kissing pictures, head on over to IHeartFaces.


  1. What an adorable picture :) my favorite is my parents on their wedding day kissing behind the wedding car and you can see the just married sign, its so adorable!!!!

  2. Nice pic!
    and thanks for the comment!
    I really loved her reaction too. lol

  3. when you leave me a comment and I comment back on it (in my post) are you able to tell I did so?
    Or do I have to come to your blog and leave a comment??

    any ways in photoshop you can do panoramic's.. they are very easy to do!!

  4. Your parents are beautiful! I can totally see their love. Very special picture!


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