Friday, February 5, 2010

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

I was pretty sure TheOther was going to move out of the dorm room. I mean, I really wished he was already gone by this point. I was hoping this weekend he would get his stuff and get out. I don't want to look at him. I don't want to talk to him.

At this point, my feelings are so hurt by him that inside I just honestly want to make his life miserable since that's what he's done to me. And I shouldn't feel that way. But I do. So I'm avoiding him and repressing the urge to walk into his room and slap him on his worthless face because that will do no good for no body.

Last night LadiesMan texted me that TheOther was refraining from moving out. Apparently, he's being picky about roommates and won't move in with people he doesn't like. Except I don't know why he doesn't like those potential roommates - because he probably doesn't even know them.

And LadiesMan was talking about moving into the LLCs and leaving TheOther to rot in his own filthy stench. I don't want LadiesMan to leave. I would much rather see TheOther kicked out of the dorms on behalf of the University.

Look, this guy is so unsanitary it's not even the least bit hilarious. He piles up his filthy nasty garbage all around his computer screen in front of which he lives. He never goes to class, and he's on freaking academic probation. You see, that means last semester his grades were in the toilet, and this semester he has to work his ass off to get his GPA back up. If he doesn't, he'll get kicked out of the University for a semester and then have to apply for re-admittance.

But instead of being a good kid, he sleeps through all of his classes and rarely does homework because video games take the front seat to life.


So to me, LadiesMan's departure is like TheOther winning. And it's not okay for people who are completely and utterly retarded to win at things like life where so many other people should be able to get ahead.

I don't feel like TheOther is experiencing any consequences for his actions, so he's just going to go on being a total a-hole because he can. It's not my place to deliver consequences, but I wouldn't complain if I watched some be delivered.

Kind of like when you're driving down the road in your POS beater going better than the speed limit and some slick sports car whips around you and then cuts you off. You're pissed and at that point it would just satisfy you watch that sucker get in an accident or be pulled over by a cop.

That's what I want to see happen to this guy.

Part of me is rooting for him to just get whaled on, and the other part of me is saying that I should not wish that. But I really want him to learn from his actions. I want him to understand that it's not okay to be a total jerk to people. I want him to know that the precious world does not revolve around him.

When LadiesMan said TheOther was in fact not moving out of the dorm, I went to cry in my shower. Because that's what I do when I'm upset. I get under that steamy hot water and let it all out. It's a good release, but sometimes I'd just rather hole up in the shower and never come out even though the palms of my hands get so prune-y they literally hurt.

I told Prince Charming that I wanted to go home. I didn't even want to be in the same building with that freak who lives down the hall and may or may not eventually become a serial killer. I wanted my mommy to hug me and tell me everything was going to be alright. Prince just held me and stroked my hair and texted LadiesMan to find out more information about the situation.

LadiesMan's mother is driving here to work with us and figure out what we can do about this situation that is made of fail. So instead of driving home like I really wanted to, I'm staying here to see if we can get this guy out of our lives. I'm staying here to see what happens.

Not only did I spend a lot of time in Prince's room because he was over there, but also all my neighbors on this side of the hall have loud booming stereos and sub-woofers that have the potential to make your ears bleed. I'm tired of dealing with their music. I'm tired of dealing with stupid freshman who fail at life. I'm tired of not seeing other people get what they deserve, even though it's seriously not my place give 'em what they got coming.

I'm emotionally exhausted. I have to work on motivating myself to do my homework. I still have to petition to get into my college and register for next semester's classes. I have to make sure my grades are totally 100% awesome by midterms. And I seriously just want to lay in bed all day and cry sometimes. And watch sappy TV shows.

And it's not just me that having a terrible time either. I feel like I've heard a lot of heavy news from a few different people about what's going on in their lives at the moment. What's up with the world lately? Things just kinda suck right now. Hopefully they get themselves to be on the mend really ridiculously soon.


  1. I'm sorry life is being rough and not cool. :/ It'll all clear itself up soon though, you just have to have faith. :) <3

  2. That whole situations sounds awful, I'm sorry. Dorming freaking sucks my friend.


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