Monday, February 1, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Pictures

Belle posted a picture on the legendary FB webpage where I spend too much of my time, especially on the weekends. This picture was of the face of a potential child that was 'morphed' from a picture of her and a picture of Zelda.

Inspired, I quickly went to the same page and uploaded a few pictures to see what potential children I could create. Because I am all sorts of awesome and copycat like.

Using a picture of me and a picture of your ever lovely Prince Charming we created this lovely angelic face:

So then we decided to see how accurate this website was by uploading pictures of our parents to see what the computer would come up with. Let me just say, none of those pictures look any of the children that were actually created. But here are the results:

Prince's Parents: (To be fair, we're not quite sure why this one turned out the way it did...)

My Parents:

If you're curious now about what your babies might look like, just click here and keep an open mind...


  1. Haha, nice babies. My Blasian is still the most win, though. xD

    How'd housing go today?


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