Friday, February 26, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Or does it feel like every blogger and their dog is doing a post about 'ask me anything and I will answer you'? 

Not that it's a bad thing of course. I find it kinda amusing. It's mildly entertaining to read people's answers to questions like "What's a good name for a dog?" or "What's your opinion on the deflation of balloons in a European school district?" 

Those are good questions, right? 

It prompts me to wonder what people would ask me, given the chance. I like to answer questions. I like to fill out surveys. You know, I'm narcissistic enough. But I still don't think I'm going to come out and ask you all to leave questions in your comments. (Leave me questions. I will love you.) (No really, don't do it.) (No, actually you should.) (Not.)

But besides my sudden fascination with or without answering random questions, I got two of some of the worst types of news I could get at this stage of my life. 

First and probably worst, I am going to college to get a degree in art education so that I can teach students in grades K through 12. I've known since January that I'm going to have to petition to get into the college of ed because I dinked around my freshman year and got a bad GPA. Now I have to bring my GPA up (but hello people, I made the Dean's List last semester - that's a huge step in the right direction. I worked my butt off for that.) I'm also currently retaking Comm 101 to replace my D in that class and then next semester I was planning on retaking a core math class because I got a D in 143 because it was a class made of the devil. But Zelda told me today that like four different people told her she shouldn't even bother applying until next semester because they apparently won't even conditionally admit those students who are missing more than one criteria. 

She's only missing two. 

I'm missing three. 



For crying out loud can't a girl catch a break ANYWHERE?? But I was told to petition anyway and that they lady I talked to thought I had a pretty good chance at getting admitted. So I'm going to go ahead as planned and see what I can make of the current situation. 

And if they don't let me into the college of ed, then I'm just going to look for a different school that will take me. The university tells you that they're for you and they want to work with you, but then things like this happen and it's like, really? Really? You're going to build up my hopes and then bring in a fiery Godzilla death creature to stomp it all to the ground and then pick up some of the random pieces to use for a chew toy? Not cool. Not cool at all. 

Hopefully everything will work out in my favor. But right now it's all hanging in limbo until the petition meeting in April when I will hopefully know whether or not I've been admitted conditionally. 

My second sucky news of the day is about my job. I work on campus in a little shop in our Admin building and I. Love. It. Seriously. I don't want to work anywhere else. 

But I was just informed today that the new lady who is going to become the new owner of our shop, is not only going to be the new owner, but she is replacing the current workers with her daughters. Seriously lady? You're going to put college students and one really awesome lead worker out of business because you and your daughters want to run our coffee shop when you ALREADY HAVE YOUR OWN SHOP???? What's wrong with you!? 

I love my job. I'm a good and faithful worker. I'm a fast and efficient barista. But there's no guarantee that campus dining will keep me as a barista. We're losing a few coffee shops because of remodeling that Sodexo is doing around campus, so Heaven help me to at least keep my job let alone let me like my job. 

I may not even get a job next semester. The Big Man told us he's working on finding us new job placements on campus so that we can still be employed. But who knows where he'll put us? I'm scared. I love my job and now some snooty lady (I met her, she's snooty) is going to steal my job out from underneath me. Why are they taking valuable jobs away from students? Poor college students need their jobs you crazy lady with your coffee shop already in store. Why do you need my job as well? 

I don't understand it. I don't. I doubt she's even thinking about the students who would like to have those jobs. She's got her own agenda. I can't control her. Although I have to admit - if I could pull a Jedi mind trick and change her ways of thinking so drastically that the entire world is a better place I totally would do it. 


On the bright side, I'm working tomorrow and it should be crazy busy. Me and the Fiery Red Head always so much fun that it's just gonna be a complete blast. I'm going to go into work tomorrow and have so many shots of coffee it'll be like nothing in the world ever was or will be bad. We're relying on God to take care of our jobs and my schooling and my sanity. Which may or may not be on the edge of disappearing permanently.

So I'm gonna change my mind a little bit and egotistically require all of you to ask me at least one random question to lighten my mood. Two would be great. Three if you're ambitious. Or none if you just feel like leaving me a comment but asking questions is too overrated for you. I get that. I totally do. 

I hope all of your weekends are super duper dandy and awesome. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go rot my brain with more blogs followed by some Calvin and Hobbes and maybe a short nap or two.


  1. That sucks about the new owner!

    BUT, I did give you an award, so go over to my blog and check it out. :)

  2. Sweetie, let's listen to the lady that works for the college that told you that you had a good chance, not to Zelda who heard from some friends that may or may not even exist.

    And just keep being the happiest little barista around town, and things will work out in your favor. In God's time.

    And . . . what is your favorite flavor of Snapple?

  3. aunt cyndi, i love you.

    but i have to clarify that Zelda was told this contradictory information by people who also work in the college of ed, not other friends. which is precisely why it is so disconcerting. but that exactly why i'm going back in to talk to lauren because she's the one that gave me the original information and i want to make absolutely certain that nothing has changed.

  4. That sounds like a good plan! You are YOU and you are special! I'm praying it all goes well, and I know you can do it.

    But you didn't answer my question. :o) Snapple??

  5. Okay, really?? Anyone who uses all my favorite "blog" words is fab in my book (because how else can you convey what you are feeling?). Seriously! And hello? That new owner? Obviously an idiot.

    Truly? Hope you get in & that your job holds out. Thanks for your comment - I will be finding my way back here - seriously.

  6. It took me nearly 3 years to figure out I wanted to be a teacher. So, I pretty much screwed myself there, you at least have time. I'm going to have to get a masters in education, luckily there are some really great programs that only take a year to complete it. Good luck with your efforts though. Just keep in mind all is not lost. There are many options.

    It sounds like you've had a crummy day. Sorry friend. If you weren't like 2000 miles away, I would hug you.

  7. That new owner sounds evil. I'm sorry I'm not a jedi, or a ninja, otherwise I would totally fight for your job for you.

    As for questions --
    Have you ever eaten a crayon?
    Would you rather fall forever in an endless canyon or die in an atomic bomb explosion?
    What is your favorite article of clothing?

    Random enough? :)

  8. And I thought my week was bad! I love you nat and I'm prayin for you! God has a plan and it will all work out in the end. And you said "three if you're ambitious" that MADE my day.


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