Sunday, February 28, 2010

Questioning The Sunset

Prince Charming and I hadn't planned on heading to Hayden this weekend because we were just there. But on my way home from work, I got a text from his friend in California who was up for the weekend. 

We made the two hour drive Saturday afternoon in a rush-hurry-spur-of-the-moment type trip. And it was incredibly fun. I had so much fun, that I didn't want to drive back home. So I made Prince Charming drive. And I took more pictures. 

We left later than we usually do, so we caught the sunset on the way back. It was awfully beautiful. Full of orange. And the sun hid behind a big cloud and gave me some neat shots.

It doesn't feel like Sunday night. I don't think I want it to be Sunday night. At all. I have school tomorrow? What? 

But I'm going back to CdA next weekend for a church dealio that's going on about relationships. In high school, I was part of a tight knit small group, and we're going on stage next weekend. It should be fun, and I have no idea what's really going to go on, but I'm a little curious to find out.

My aunt asked me what my favorite flavor of Snapple was. And I have to say, I'm not a big Snapple drinker. I hardly have any at all ever. But occasionally I will satisfy a craving what I believe is Strawberry Kiwi or whatever alternative creative name Snapple dubbed that flavor. It's delicious. And the raspberry tea Snapple isn't horrid either. :)

 Valorie came up with a few questions. Which I loved. 

She wanted to know if I've eaten a crayon. I laughed out loud when I read that question, and honestly? I have no idea. I don't think I ever ate one, and if I have before my parents kindly cut out that finite detail of my unremembered childhood.

Also, I had a debate this weekend about how one pronounces the word 'crayon.' You see, I say crayon the way you pronounce the first part of cranberry. Craaaaaan.

Prince says it similar to crown but not really exactly like that. And one of his friends pronounces it like "Cray-on" just how it's spelled. So I ask you, how do you pronounce crayon?


Valorie also asked me if I would rather fall forever into an endless canyon or die in an atomic bomb explosion. Atomic bomb explosions make me think of cockroaches. 

So that would be a no because I'd hate to accidentally survive and then be surrounded by huge bugs with exoskeletons (I like that word. Exoskeleton. Exoskeleton. Say it with me, you know you want to. Exoskeleton. Exoskeleton!) that make me feel like I'm stuck in MIB with Will Smith, only this time they lost and that ugly dude ended up with planet he was after on Orion's Belt. Yuck. 

I guess I'm going to have to say falling forever in an endless canyon. The canyon walls would always be changing, and also it wouldn't be as loud as an explosion so it wouldn't hurt my ears. And I imagine that a bomb blast could maybe be painful. I don't like pain. 

Free falling though? Very cool experience. I used to pole vault, and falling from 11 or 12 feet in the air is a pretty awesome experience. Getting that forever? Priceless. Bahaha. 

Her third question to me was about clothes. What's my favorite article of clothing. Well, out of all of my own clothes, I have a hard time choosing. I really love my T-shirts, but when I want to "dress up" I pull out the fitted Ts or my 'nicer' shirts. Of which I have like...three.

But my favorite clothing article out of all the clothes in the world? Jeans. Come on! They're awesome. New ones are chic and old ones are comfy. George Strait looks awesome in a pair of blue jeans. As does mostly any cowboy. 

The only ones I have to complain about are the boys who wear girl jeans. Seriously? Aren't you worried about squashing anything precious to you? I would be. There's no extra room in girl jeans. Aaaand you look dorky. Go buy some jeans that actually fit (look up George Strait if you're confused) and you'll see what I mean.


  1. I think I mostly use cray-on, though I don't articulate each syllable to make it definite, so sometimes it sounds like cran.

  2. Being from Canada...where we speak English that can be understood ;D...I most definitely pronounce it cray-on. And I think I must've at some point eaten a crayon since I can imagine how it tastes...don't think I'd be able to imagine so accurately otherwise :D

    Awesome sunset shots!

  3. I say "cray-on" :)

    And I totally agree about the guys in girls' jeans! Weirdd XD


  4. My little almost 8yo princess must say it like your prince -- how apropos is that? It sounds remarkably like "crown," but just a little different.

    cr-ow!-en -- nah, I can't spell it out


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