Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Tuesday Blues

I have been sick all day.

I didn't go to work.

I didn't go to school.

I just laid in bed, sometimes with Prince when he was home from class, but mostly without. I did a lot of blog hopping, but haven't really found anyone new I'm terribly interested in.

And I tried out about four or five new blog backgrounds, although I can't honestly say I've found one that I simply just enjoy. It seems as though I'm incredibly picky about some such things and find that no where is there a blog that seems custom made for me - and short of paying for a blog layout, I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up with the free ones. I'd make my own blog layout if I could figure out the dimensions, but because I'm sick that makes me terribly lazy and as a result of my increased laziness I haven't bothered to do much of anything of any importance since the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.

Phew. I'm tired just typing that paragraph!



Anyway I guess what I have done today outside of blogging is another online facet of my life that includes Facebooking. And I also watched the movie G.I. Joe with Prince this morning because he didn't have 7:30 class and I couldn't fall back asleep (although I probably should have tried harder).

I had no idea Channing Tatum was in G.I. Joe.

And in all honesty, that's probably why I watched the movie instead of sleeping.

Just saying.

I mean, it's just been one of those days. I haven't even left the building today and I haven't even left this room all that much except to feed my lethargic stomach twice. On the flip side though, I will have to leave later tonight with Zelda, Belle and her Beast to party hardy with the other students working with dementia patients for our education class.

I'm debating not going at all.

You should hear my cough.

(Talk about ridiculous.)

On a completely unrelated note though, my one year blog-iversary is coming up on the 17th - that's just a week before Prince and I started dating.

(Which means I will probably have a somewhat special post for that because a lot has changed since I started this little blog, and not just the numerous backgrounds I've managed to change like I do underwear.)

(And also maybe a post about my one year anniversary of dating the same boy? It's the longest I've been with any boyfriend I've ever had and I must say I wouldn't change it for the world on a silver platter.)

So with that I will leave you and maybe catch some Zs before I have to venture out in the dark, drab, cold, frosty night half way across campus to waste ten minutes of my life... or you know, I'll just stay awake until Zelda and Belle show up because I'm not really all that sleepy - whatever works.


  1. Found you on SITS. your blog background is cute, no need to pay for one ;)

  2. This is your Auntie, who is getting older by the day, so take this with a grain of salt - but I have a really hard time reading your blog with this background. The black letters on the teal page are difficult to follow. I liked the one with more pink from awhile back. You do what you like best, though.

    Hope you feel better soon! Stock up on some herbal tea and drink as much water as you can. Love ya!

  3. Hope you're feeling better now. You have just under 2 weeks to come up with an awesome blog-iversary post!


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