Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To The Object(s) Of My Affection

*MamaKat's Writer's Workshop Post*

Dear Charcoal Sticks,

You are the greatest! I love how your dusty dark qualities cover my tiny fingers and allow me to pretend that I am a Labrador like my favorite Dalmatians in my favorite childhood movie. I enjoy being able to manipulate you into the form of whatever it is I'm drawing.

Stay awesome,
A Black-Finger-Tipped Aspiring Artist


Dear Thick Blanket,

Thank you for keeping me so warm at night. I really appreciate it. And lately I'm appreciating you more and more because I've been ever so ill and you manage to keep my shivering body warm all through the night.

If ever I am sick again I will search for your comfort, your warmth, and your blanket-y strength. Your soft green fibers tenderly caress my delicate skin and I don't know how I've managed to get by all these years without your presence. It seems as though now other blankets do not exist in my small little world - but only you.

Once Cold But Now HOT Little Lady


Dear Art 111 Class,

You make my Tuesdays and Thursdays worth living. Just entering your classroom brightens my outlook on life. It's like the sun always shines and all the clouds have lovely silver linings.

Every time I attend class I find something new out about myself. And plus there are three friends I enjoy company with. We all find you quite amazing and full of all things wonderful. I will miss you deeply next semester when my Tuesdays and Thursdays are no longer filled with your epic glory.

Not only have you managed to grant my artistic skills some knowledge, but you've managed to advance my friendships as well. I'm part of a group in that class. I kick butt at charcoal which I didn't know I could do and you've also fueled my desire to become an art teacher.

Don't ever change.


Many Thanks,
Someone Who Will Cry At The End Of The Semester Because Of Your Absence In Her Life


Dear Prince Charming,

Don't think I forgot about you. Your letter is coming though, just not in this post because it's a little early. :-)

Love You Lots,



  1. As I lay on my couch with a thick blanket I truly appreciate your love for yours. A blanket really does make things better.

  2. Stopping over from Mama Kat's.

    Great letters...I love the art class one especially. Art is amazing!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. Charcoal pencils are the best! I love to TRY and pretend I'm an artist occasionally. I've never had one class but enjoy the random notion that I have natural talent. I would never ask to be judged for fear someone might prove my fantasy to be just that. Pics of my boys, a queen of hearts, an eyeball, my husbands grandfather........all in charcoal.

    Ode to thee, charcoal. Granter of magic talent and imaginary talents!

    (though it sounds you have the real deal)

    Great post!

  4. I would love art too...if I were even in the least bit good at it...and I'm not...but I'm glad YOU love it!! :)

  5. Blankets really *do* make everything better! Props to your artistic nature -- I'm jealous.

  6. i love how you chose practical objects for affection, and how they seem to represent some part of your identity. interesting.

  7. Oooh, I love my thick blanket too! I bet an art class would be fun! I really enjoy my Psychology of Coaching class.


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