Monday, November 2, 2009

In The Case Of The Old People

Working with dementia patients is something I'm really enjoying. But I've always liked listening to old people talk.

They always have so many good stories.

And the fact that my grandpa has Parkinson's Disease makes me a little bit more familiar with what I'm doing every Monday and Friday.


I get to help make beaded bracelets and necklaces, I get to color pictures, talk to old people, play BINGO and a plethora of other activities. It's more of a blast than I thought it would be. But I caught myself drifting off in the front room where there are a whole bunch of recliners, staring at the various patients that surrounded the staff and other volunteers as well as myself.

And I wondered what these old folks were like in their prime.

And I realized that I always do that.

I'd love to have met my grandpa before his disease made it near impossible to know what he's really like. I'd like to have met these people before they needed to be in an adult day care facility.

It's the same with old dilapidated cabins out in the middle of nowhere. It's the same with ghost towns. I want to know what they were like when they were new - when there were people hustling and bustling all about.

But it's something I'll never get to do. It's something left only to the imagination because our handy dandy technologists haven't yet kicked out a time travel machine.

I say we change that. Let's go back to the future.

Because I've always enjoyed Dr. Emmet Brown....

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog. You didn't offend me at all.

    It was definitely the way I was doing it. My artistic skills are put to use when there is little time or when I should be doing something else. Such as when I'm working or doing school work. I have a lot of varied interests so finding something that includes them all is key.

    Your comment helped me see it a bit differently, so thank you.


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