Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time Flies

Today is my blogiversary. My little blog has now been going for a whole year and is still gaining momentum!

This time last year I published
this post and launched myself into the blogosphere head first in icy cold water.

I had three stalkers followers. My Aunt, My Grandparents and Prince Charming.

My dad also avidly reads my blog. He loves to see what I have to say. Since I no longer live in his house, it's a good way to see what trouble I wreak on the daily.

Also going back in time to that fateful day one year ago in my short but seemingly long life, I was living in this same wing of this same building, albeit I had a roommate and Dear Prince-y lived a mere two hours away so I could only see him on the weekends.

Belle and I were still best and best friends could be and we were really enjoying what college life and our dorm hall had to offer. We were caught up in the midst of making new friends, skipping classes, eating omelets and drinking apple juice and taking dorky freshmen girl pictures in front of the vanity in our prison cell sized dorm room.

Now though, Belle is completely different (and I probably am too). She lives in an apartment off campus with Zelda and another girl whom shall for now and always be referred to as "The Crazy One" for reasons that can only be explained in another post if ever I feel as though I should allow you the comfort of knowing exactly the large extent of her craziness and weirdly strange behavior that could not have been seen prior to her live in arrangement with two people I love dearly.

Wow. After that sentence, I need a drink of water.
Pause for a sec, okay?

Okay, I'm back. Whew. Refreshing. Ahem, alright, on with the post?

This year I have a
completely different major also, which. I. am. loving. to. death. *happy sigh*

And Prince no longer lives two hours away, but is instead
right down the hall whenever I need him. Oh who's kidding? He's not right down the hall, we're pretty much in the same room all the time.

On another note, I know a lot of people do a special giveaway post for their blogiversaries.

However, not only do I rarely participate in giveaways (mostly because of my lack of prizes) but I don't know the first thing about hosting one. Besides, I'd probably just want to rig the results so that I won the whatever-awesome-thing-I-should-give-to-someone-else and it ended up being mine forever to sit on a shelf in my dorm room and never be used.

So instead, I just babbled a lot and crossed my fingers that you laughed at my extreme wit and the fact that I am just an awesome person.



So I guess the essence of this post would be to thank you all for following my little blog and giving me words of encouragement and a funny story or two. Not only has my following increased from 3 to 26, but I have a place to express my thoughts and my life in my own little corner of the internet. And I love it.

I absolutely do.



    Mine was the 11th :( I totally forgot about it :'( Lols, I was so upset at myself XD


  2. I first started blogging almost 6 years ago, though I started a new blog once I turned 20, because I felt like not being a teenager anymore deserved a new chapter in my blog life. I LOVE reading my old blogs. Sooooo much has changed.

  3. hey! ok so I just read your blog for the first time tonight...i found it through one of my followers..and I love it! I only read this post and you had me laughing out loud! :) so now, you definitely have 27 followers! :) Feel free to stop by my blog... i just started it a few weeks ago..i love doing it already! Look forward to reading more of yours in the future! :)


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