Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exactly Who Do You Think You're Dealing With?

*MamaKat's Writer's Workshop post*

Blue eyes
Walking through life
Every now and then
Asking when
Loosing track
Of precious time
And also where I'm supposed to be.

Blond hair
Blows in the wind
On the way to Church
Pictures grinned
Stubborn in the coffee shop
Like a lemon drop
Bake a cake
Swim the lake
Summer is my favorite time.

Tanned skin
In the wintertime
Wearing shades
On the slopes
With the boys
And also very high hopes
That I'll improve
My speed
And perhaps sometimes
Take the lead
Because after all, I am the oldest of four.

Small feet
Slip in shoes that are small
My sister's almost
Very tall
I'm short
But she's still shorter
Making rhymes
College makes me poorer
Striving to teach
Learning to fly
Casting a look
In Prince's eye
That says 'Don't ever leave.'

Little fingers
Hold the charcoal
Drawing buildings that I see
And trees to make whole
Camera in hand
I sit on the sand
And stare out at the waves ahead
My favorite poem
Is "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
And becoming an author
Is my own hobby
Because I have many of those.

Blue eyes
Don't always do what they should
I would if I
But I can't.
I drive too fast
And sometimes I'm a little bossy
I try to use tact
My mom is important
That's a fact
Dad works on keeping
His oldest daughter on track
Because Lord knows she sure gets distracted easily...

I am what I am
I love Dr. Seuss
I don't try to be something I'm not
Sometimes I rhyme
Just to make people smile
And I quote movies and music and books
I'm barely 19
Don't read magazines
And I love to hang out with the guys
I'm not very old
And I've always been told
That I look just like my dad
Proud of that

So let me ask you
Exactly just who
Do you
Think you're dealing with?


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