Monday, October 19, 2009

Adventures in Moscow

So we all remember the time at the beginning of last semester when I became hopelessly lost searching for my dance class, right? Well today has been another one of those days.

I have to do a number of volunteer hours for my service learning project for my education course I'm taking this semester. It sounds simple enough because when I was a senior in high school we had to do something similar - only that was individual and this is a group. But I digress.

Anywho, my friend Zelda (I call her that because she's obsessed with that game and all to do with it, yada yada yada, you understand) and I were headed to this place where our hours are to be completed for our project. Prior to leaving my building, we were told this place was across from the A & W. Not true.

We get to the A & W not knowing which way to turn, so we ended up missing turns, going straight and turning at a stoplight so I could drive back the other way. I turned spontaneously down a street hoping it would lead us to where we were supposed to be in ten minutes.

No such luck.

Instead we ended up on the street that takes us to the DMV. So we turned around in a parking lot and headed back toward the A & W. But this time we turned the other direction, sure that this way would be the correct way.

We drove around the street twice, and by this time we are already seven minutes late. Zelda and I are more confused than ever, so we decide maybe we didn't see it the first time and drive back across the road.

We get more lost on what seems like the snob hill of Moscow, Idaho before we realize that maybe calling the place and getting directions could be a good idea.

So Zelda calls using the number from a business card we'd received from our group leaders. She obtains directions and we get ourselves back down to the main road.

Remember that first road we'd turned down to turn around and head back toward the A & W?? Yeah, turns out if we'd stayed on that road and just driven down a bit farther we would have not only been at the right place, but we also would not have been fifteen minutes late.

On the plus side, actually being at the place renews my excitement for this project that was slowly dwindling downward and out of sight.

For my volunteer hours I'm working with dementia patients. I get lost and confused easy enough.

Maybe I belong there....

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  1. i worked with dementia and alzheimers patients for my first field experience class :-) it was very rewarding! i hope you enjoy it!


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