Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take Two: The Beginning Of The End

My first day of classes is officially over! Celebration! Woohoo!

It started with English at 8:30 this morning. Easy to find in the second floor of the TLC. Today was just about introduction. Concepts. What are they? Ideas. But ideas are not all concepts. We talked about it for a while, but no one really seemed to have a set answer. We related it back to higher education vs. high school education. Is higher education really necessary?

Then I left for my 10:30 class a half an hour early because I had NO idea where this class was at. All my schedule told me was that it was in the PEB. Where is that? So I high-tail it to the Memorial Gym, because that's where I think I'm supposed to go. Well, I open the door, and it's all Army ROTC parphanilia covering the walls. I'm in the wrong place. There's another door farther down, so I head to it. Nope, more ROTC stuff. Crap! Where do I go? There is a guy smoking a cigarette standing outside the door. He sees my confusion and tries to help me. There is supposedly a hallway that I need to get to that should take me where I need to go. Back to the other door I go and emerge myself in the Army ROTC information. There is no hallway that I can see.

I poke my head into the doorway and there is a man sitting behind a desk. "Can I help you?" he asks me. "Yes! I think I'm lost," I answer. He asks what I'm looking for, and once informed he tells me again of the same hallway. But this time he tells me where the hallway is, ha ha. One step closer! So I finally find this hallway and I travel to the end of it, where I am greeted by two large gray doors. The sign on the door says "Be respectful, don't open while class is going on." Well, sure enough there are voices on the other side of this door. I really feel like swearing.

The class ends and I walk into the room as students disperse. I'm so lost. There is no number here that says 201, which is theoretically where I'm supposed to be. I walk out another set of doors on the other side of the room, but this leads to an empty room and it appears as if there is no way out. Now I really like saying some sort of dirty words because I have ten minutes to find this place that I'm supposed to be for a class that I was previously excited for, but now after this adventure I'm beginning to hate it already. So back to where I came from I go. I manage to find a teacher and the frustration and fear in my eyes must have tipped her off, because she kept telling me that it was going to be alright. God bless her heart! She tells me that I should be in the PEB building and not in the Memorial Gym. Aparently they are not the same thing. Dirty word.

So I make my way out of the Mem Gym and up this hill towards this building that I'm hoping really exsists. The farther I walk the more worried I become. Did I hear her right? Am I going in the right direction? Did I miss the building? But then I see a sign! Oh glorious sign! Physical Education Building here I come! I fling open the door, and immediatedly I start looking for signs about where 201 may or may not be located.

I see some stairs, and to me this is good. 201 - should be a second floor room number? Let's check it out! So I get up the stairs and there are no room numbers. Dirty word. I walk down the hall, maybe there is some indication of where I need to be? I see a sign that talks about UI Dance, so this MUST be at least CLOSE to the right place....right? I turn around to see another girl behind me, with what appears to be an equally confused facial expression. "What are you looking for?" I ask her. "Room 201," she says. "Me too," I sigh. She walks ahead of me. Sure enough, there on a door it says 201. I enter the room to find it almost completely occupied. I sigh with relief - at last I have found my class. We spend an agonizing amount of time going over the sylibus before class is finally over.

Next is Math 143, which I am NOT excited for in any way shape or form, but my teacher is an awesome Chinese lady. Her English is very broken, but she's just so cute that I can't help but smile. She talks about our math related things, like the Polya Lab where we need our "Wendell Caws" (Vandal Cards) to sign in. And on the Polya website we have to watch "weedeeos" (videos). Her language is going to make me love her and dislike her. It's hard for her to explain things, but mostly I learn by doing, and numbers are the same in any language. Math was a class that I wasn't looking forward to at all, but now I kind of am. :-)

And here are you pictures for the day - there are three of them. Be happy. Ha, ha.

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