Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is historically the most ignored day of the week, and this week Tuesday is my last day of winter vacation - which makes Tuesday important and not ignored. And to top it off, I am not at all well.

I'm waiting for three of my text books to get here, and I have class tomorrow beginning at 8:30. I am not in the least bit excited for classes to start back up. I am taking 6 courses this semester, and tomorrow is the first day. It's a Wednesday. Humpday. The hardest day of the week. Definitely not my favorite day.

Last semester my favorite day was Thursday, because I had nothing to do on Thursdays. But now, that's changing. However, I don't have a class after noon ever and my latest days will be Wednesdays because math will go to 12:30. Yuck.

But I have an idea, I want to take at least one picture a day. One picture that will represent something or nothing. But one picture for each day. We'll see if I can do it. I don't care if I take the picture with my camera or with my cell phone, but somehow I'm going to get one picture for everyday.

This is my sentiments of Wednesdays and how they suck. This picture was not taken today, but because I have not yet showered and I'm sick, perhaps I will come back later and post a picture for today. But for now, this is how tomorrow makes me feel. Acurate representation right there. Ha, ha.


  1. Well, now, what happened to my little miss positive mental attitude? Did someone cut off your supply of jelly beans? Have some hot cocoa and go to bed early! Tomorrow's tomorrow. If the books didn't come in yet, they will soon enough. Heck - your professors are wondering where they put their syllabus copies . . . That's why they start the first week on a Wednesday - nobody's gonna do anything this week anyway. :)
    Love you,
    Aunt Cyndi

  2. lol. actually A has a bubblegum machine full of jelly beans in her room, so that's not the issue. and i don't have any hot cocoa, so that's not going to help me.
    thanks for the positive reenforcement, i needed to hear it :-)
    love you too,

  3. Nice picture. I NEVER see that face. Psh. :p


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