Wednesday, January 7, 2009

By The Grace Of God

So today has been....eventful. I started off with a trip the computer guy. My laptop has been acting funny ever since I got Anti-virus 2009 on it. We got rid of the virus, but the computer just hasn't been the same. So I'm having windows re-installed and hopefully that should fix the majority of issues I'm having trouble with.

Then we were off to Great Clips for a Great Haircut. Ha, ha. I brought D with me because his hair was covering his eyes and he wanted to get it trimmed so that he could see while he was skiing. "That way it doesn't look like there's a tree in the middle of the run, when it's really just my hair," he says with a laugh.

While M and I are sitting at Great Clips waiting for D's haircut to get finished, I'm texting K. She's hanging with another friend and they are headed to Ross, which is RIGHT by where M, D and I are. "Oh my gosh, I can see you! I can totally see you!" I practically shout and wave through window at K as she and J walk up to Great Clips to meet us.

D eventually is finished a few minutes later, so we pay and then head over to Ross. We look through the clothes, aimlessly wandering around. K and I pull out various clothing items and make random remarks about how cool or ridiculous they are. K and I love to make fun of clothes. Some of those items though, you just have to wonder what kind of crack the designer was on when they created the (insert clothing item here).

Our adventure continues with a trip to Panda Express where K and I are the only ones who get food. M is tired of "mooching" off of me, though I don't really consider it that. I did buy D a chocolate chip cookie and gave him my fortune cookie. He's not a big asain food eater, even when the asain food has been americanized. Ha, ha. So anyway, K and I finish up and then we head to various other locations around town. There's not really very much to do in CdA at night. There's not much of a night life here. And since it's winter, all outdoor activities are pretty much out because of the snow on the ground. Had it been the middle of summer there are a plethora of parks, and even the boardwalk, that would have been welcoming to our company.

So we decide that we feel like bowling, but we get to the bowling alley and there are a million people there, with a million cars and no where to park and no open lanes. Just our luck. So we decide to head to K-Mart and figure out what we want to do next. K-Mart isn't really my favorite place to be, but we had fun. There are a bunch of Valentine's Day gifts out - the plush teddy bears that sing and the stuffed animals of gigantic proportions that hold hearts with sayings on them. I held up one that read "kiss me" to M, who lovingly granted me a peck on the lips. Ha, ha.

I picked up a bottle of Lipton white raspberry tea, which I think is absolutely declicious and doesn't really taste like tea. K and J have grabbed bags of M & Ms and we proceed to the check out stand. K and J pay first, and I grab a Mr. Goodbar for M because he's hungry. I go to grab for my debit card - uh oh. It's no where to be found. I'm looking in my various pockets, and it's really not here. I'm starting to get panicy. "This is not good," I said, my voice slightly shaking. I'm not going to lie - I'm scared. What if someone took it? Where could it be? What if I dropped it? How am I going to find it? No, it's not gone - it has to be here. I know I got it back at Panda Express... uh oh. Panda. I swallow and hand the cashier my credit card to use in place of my debit. She says that if I did leave it at Panda that I should go back and get it because it would be a lot of heartache to get a new one. First I'd have to cancel it and then wait 8 weeks for a new one to arrive. And that would just suck.

K says I probably just left it in my car because she knows that the girl at Panda Express gave it back to me. I nod and hope and pray to God that K is right in her thinking. M thinks we should wander around K-Mart incase it fell out of my pocket. But to me that's not possible. I didn't have it out ever in K-Mart. We venture out to my little green Pontiac that's sitting in the parking lot waiting for our arrival. No good. This debit is just not in there. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go to Panda because I hate talking to people, but I have to get this card back and I really don't have any other options. Back to Panda I go, bringing D and M with me.

I pull into the parking lot at Panda Express, holding my breath and praying to God to just let us find it. I walk into Panda with D and M trailing behind me. There is only a woman and her two children up at the counter paying, so I just walk up on the other side of them. The cashier turns to me and asks if she can help me. I start to ask about my debit card, and she goes back to ask some other people who were there earlier. Two other girls emerge. I recognize them from earlier, and they recognize me. We're talking, but no debit card has been turned in. During this whole time, in the back of my mind, I'm wondering if I threw it away...

I ask if they've already taken the trash out because maybe I threw it in there. One of the girls puts on a pair of gloves and asks me which can I tossed my tray into. I point to one across the room and we walk over to it. She pulls out the trash can and starts digging through it. At first it looks hopeless. How am I going to find my debit card in all this gross trash? But then I spy a folded receipt with a red edge that looks like my debit card. "Is that it, right there?" I ask, pointing. Her latex gloved hand flies to the spot in which I point, and she pulls it out of the trash can. Sure enough, that's my debit card.

She wipes off some of the grime, and hands me the card. The receipt had kept most of the icky left over food from contaminating my card. Grins cover our faces in the excitment and relief of finding my card. "Can I hug you?" I ask the girl, I'm that happy. "Sure!" she says and we embrace for a few seconds. I sigh with relief. "You guys have a good night," she says. "You too," we answer, and we part ways. I turn to M, who's smile seems to be as big as mine. He hugs me to his chest. Crisis averted. Thank you, Jesus!

So now, I'm going to sanitize my debit card and keep it in close proximety to me at all times. Ha, ha. And my haircut looks fab. Totally fab.

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