Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - a first attempt

I've never taken part of MamaKat's Writer's Workshop. I've never participated in the Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus. But I suppose that it's never to late for a first try, so here it goes. There is a theme this week I suppose, but I don't know if there's a theme every week.

However, today we are supposed to talk about a trip we've taken. I've traveled a lot in my 19 years, which I absolutely love. I enjoy visiting new places and going back to old ones again and again. I've been to Canada, Mexico, Germany and a variety of other states, including Alaska. But today I feel like posting pictures from my Germany trip because it was oh so deliciously entertaining and awesome.

There are a lot of pictures from my trip because we spent over two weeks there, traveling around Southern Germany. We started in Frankfurt and visited a TON of smaller towns. I absolutely loved it there and I want to go back some day.

So here are a few pictures of the whole of the trip – minus Dachau because even though Dachau is meaningful, it’s slightly depressing and I kind of want to make this a more upbeat post – if you know what I mean.

Frankfurt - the start of the trip.
Our first German beer - jet lagged and drinking. :-)

This is the majority of how we traveled. I love trains.

Inside a castle courtyard.

A tower in Ulm.

We climbed over 400 stairs to the top :)

This is the Breitachklamm. It was very beautiful.

A sign we found at the Breitachklamm gift store that we thought was hilarious. It says "only small brains need orer, a genius understands chaos!"

This is in Munchin (or Munic if you want to get all American on me). It's at the Hoftbrauhaus which is where all the American tourists go. I didn't actually drink that - it was Jurgen's. But he let me borrow it for a photographic opportunity.

This was outside a museum, but I can't remember what town we were in. It was totally epic though and one of the better rides I've been on. You move the blue paddles up and down to simulate flying. We spent the whole ride trying to flip ourselves upside down.
From there we went to Dachau and a few more towns, such as Baumburg to visit Frau's family. Then we went back to Frankfurt to fly home. I missed it before we even got on the plane. :)

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