Friday, September 25, 2009

The Applied Theory

Meet Darth:

He is single, sexy, and loves long walks on the beach. Nevermind that he's just a skull, it's not important.

So in Art 111 we were supposed to draw skulls by covering our pages in Charcoal (or graphite, as the case may be) and show different values by lifting off the charcoal with an eraser.

I am loath to draw skulls.

I didn't like doing it in contour lines - and I certainly don't like doing it now. Though I must admit that I am far more in love with this skull than my previous.

During the drawing process I had the skull mostly completed, but I had lacked in the fabric department on which the skull was placed. My prof told me that there is a subject and ground, and depending on the composition of your subject-ground, you could say certain things with your art. So I needed to draw the fabric because if I just left the skull in a void, it would make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Understandable.

Enter extreme whit and philosophy from my Art 205 class.

"So then I don't need to draw the fabric," I said. "What if I want to make the viewer feel uncomfortable because I don't like drawing skulls and drawing them makes me feel uncomfortable."

He told me that was a good point and he couldn't argue with it.

P.S. I had to draw the fabric anyway.


  1. Haha, awesome! I love it when I get teachers to agree with me on stuff like that XD


  2. I'm not real big on skulls either :) ARe you going to post what you drew? I'd love to see some of your art. I saw the flipflops, you did very well. Take care, and good luck with your studies.

  3. Well done! Those moments are always fun...too bad you still had to draw it! ;-)

    Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog--it is a real encouragement! Have a great weekend!
    ♥ Tori


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