Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Frustrations

Well, I found out today that my previous template decided to become broken, and being the *ahem* computer genius that I am, I didn't know how to fix it.

So back to the old layout I went until the issue could be resolved.

I looked and looked and looked for different layouts that I liked - ones I thought would fit the essence of all that is my blog. And I found quite a few of them. But again, being the computer genius that I am, all the files were zipped and I had no idea how to unzip them!! *heavy sigh* So I went about scouring the internet world for blog templates already in XML format so my poor little brain didn't explode.

Then I found a blog called Yummy Lolly who has created a plethora of blog templates. ALL ZIPPED FILES! I wanted to pull my hair out.

And then she explained how to unzip the file.

My hair was saved the tragedy of being yanked from my skull and Prince was spared the tragedy of having a bald girlfriend.

But I gave up finding a Lolly Design that I absolutely wanted, and I resorted to another site - where I found the blog template I have now. I think it fits my theme okay, but I would like to remind my readers that I am in fact a girl and according to Shania Twain I can change my mind a million times.

Anyway, it's been a long day and it's time for this old girl to turn in.

off to
i go

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