Monday, September 28, 2009

It's A Clay Thing

In my Artistic Hell Design Processing 121 class we have to create our own world. Well, it's not really your world because the world you created you gave to someone else in return for their world, but it's all the same to a fish.

So in my world that I'm creating, my organisms are freaky creatures that have no hands or arms. Instead, their feet and legs double as hands and arms (which personally I think is a cool concept). Anyway, I originally drew their houses to look more like houses, but my prof asked me how they would make the house look that way if they didn't have any arms.

I thought it was a good question. Revisions transpired and I came up with something a little more hut-like in it's finite existence.

Exhibit numero uno:

This is the clay phase. I went to *cough*Wally World*cough*cough* and bought come Crayola air dry white clay. I was going to get Moon Sand, but I didn't know how well that would work, and when I found this stuff, well, all bets were off.

I let it sit over night so that the clay would dry before I painted it to make it look like clay *cough*. You see, in my newly discovered planet the ground is made of clay and there aren't very many trees, so I can't make the hut out of wood.

Unfortunately when I awoke the next morning, the clay had cracked and pieces had fallen off. Enter everyone's favorite Hot Glue Gun!

Exhibit Nummer Zwei:

I going to hope for the best with the hot glue gun. So far so great though. It seems durable enough to hold the clay together. Oh please don't let me jinx it......

Aren't my hot glue gun skills just the bomb? I mean really. That is a BA glue gun job. Admit it. Especially the top picture where I had to piece it all together like a poorly made puzzle. Ha, ha.

After the hot glue dried, I figured it was time to paint this sucker. So I grabbed Prince Charming's paints that I conveniently thieved from his dorm room and sponge painted three poop like colors to camouflage my horrid completely awesome glue job.
Exhibit three:

I think it slightly resembles a poorly crafted chocolate cake frosting, but it gets the message across that "HEY! This is CLAY!"

And I mixed three brown colors, so I'm just a little bit proud of myself. :-)

Clearly I deserve an A.

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