Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anti-Social Introvert Masquerading as a Sanguine

I have you fooled, but don't be angry because I've fooled a lot of people.

I am in fact completely anti-social.

I'm totally okay with sitting in my dorm room by myself. It gets a little lonely sometimes, so then I venture out into the hallway to see what sort of mischief I can get myself into. Most of the time I just leave my door open and then whoever feels like bothering me at the time is more than welcome to invited themselves into my room to hassle me.

Exceptions to the rule of my introversion are when I'm with Belle galavanting around town and stealing candy from babies and when I'm around people that I've known for a long time. I like being surrounded by the people that I have relationships with, but I'm not that great at just making up conversation or walking over to someone and befriending them. All of my friends have befriended me, not vice versa.

Something that I didn't really expect out of Prince Charming was his extrovertedness. He doesn't strike me as an extrovert because he can be really shy and quiet depending on the situation. But then we started going to same college. And we live in the same building - the same hall even. So we eat together down at Bob's.

Prince-y is all into the whole let's-sit-with-someone-who's-alone-and-talk-to-them-the-whole-time deal. AHHHH. No thank you. I will gladly just sit here by myself with you and not talk to anyone.

Last year I only asked someone if I could sit at their table once because all of the other tables were taken. And then when I sat down next to her, we didn't talk - we just ate. I'm SO bad at creating conversation with people I don't know.

Maybe that's why I hate talking on the phone with people.

I don't know what to say to them.

Even if I have a reason for calling - a question or something - I don't know how to word it. I'm always afraid I'll sound completely retarded and that they'll resent me for heckling them with my pitiful phone call. *heavy sigh*

So yes, while I'm around people that I know and love I enjoy conversating and being surrounded by that homey comfy loved feeling, but stick me in a room full of people I don't know and I'll pull into my own anti-social shell and glue myself to corner where I don't have to interact.

Another thing that apparently surprised Princey is my lack of like for the female gender. I'm way better friends with guys than with girls.

Girls are mean.

And chalk full of drama.

And I have better things to do with my time than play up your poor life's dramatic events like your nail breaking or some girl that you hate has the same handbag as you do. Barf.

This isn't to say that I am lacking in the girl friendship department, because I do in fact have friends that are female. But more often than not I fit in with the guys. I went to the fair Friday night, yes? I hung out with boys. When I was on track? Yep, only girl varsity pole vaulter. My dorm friends from last year? All boys. When I hang out with friends in Hayden? They're Prince's friends, and they're boys.

I did make one friend here this year who is a girl though! So it's not to say that it's impossible. Ha, ha.

But I guess those are just things that people don't know about me right off the get go. I'm anti-social and not a fan of girls.

In the words of DP:

"Cinderella, you're a weirdo."

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  1. Just be who you are and don't sweat the small stuff, because you're totally awesome whether you're a Sanguine or a Choleric (leader) with a dose of Melancholy (artist). Just sayin. And don't worry about the stupid personality tests until you're at least 21. :) If you're a weirdo, then you're my kind of weirdo!


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