Saturday, August 15, 2009

Turning the Page

Summer camp is mostly over! Last week Princey and I did an over night camp, which is way out of the norm for us, but it was fun anyway. We had a good group of boys and did a lot of fishing. We should have done some more sailing, but the weather wasn't that great. Some days it was too windy and choppy and other days the water was smooth as glass. But we all had an awesome time making some sweet crafts and FOOFing like no other. (BTW FOOF is Feet Off Of Floor aka rest time ;] )

But now day camp may or may not have one last week left, and then on Friday I move back down to Moscow for my second year of school! This year should be WAY better than the first year for a plethora of reasons. 1) The most obvious - Prince Charming will be there. 2) I'm taking art studio classes so I might actually be having some FUN at school. C) I already have a job down there that I know how to do and like doing. And Quatro) I'll have a car this year so I don't have to rely on other people for transportation, which makes me happy. And that's a good thing because I LOVE being happy. Ha, ha.

So for now, I'm hanging out with The Keeper and his friend, Cinco. We're jamming out to Owl City and being online surfer dorks. It's fun, but I kind of wish that I was still at camp. The only real reason that I'm home this weekend is because DP is getting baptized tomorrow! WOOHOO! There are a lot of similarities between our baptisms except that hers hasn't happened yet! ;)

But DP is totally worth coming home for - even if that means I missed the dinner that Princey made me. Which makes me totally sad. We went on a boat ride with the staff this evening, and it seemed that my elbow and Prince Charming's nose were destined to be together this boat ride because I must've hit him with it at least twice. In my defense though, my hood was up because it was raining and we all know that hood over head equals a periferal vision level of negative 250. Yeah.

The first time we collided I just moved seats because instead of letting me apologize, he just pushed me away and turned his head so that I felt like a total jerk of a person and not a very good girlfriend at all. The second time it happened we were headed to the boat house to replace our life jackets and I threw my arms in the air without the knowlege of Prince standing behind me and we collided yet again. Then he did the same thing - pushed me off and turned his head. I didn't think I could possibly feel worse.

When we get back to Staff Housing he grabs his PSP off the couch and then hibernates in his room while I sit out on the couch texting my mom for a ride home this weekend. We haven't spoken since we got home and I didn't know if I should go talk to him in his room or leave him alone - and then he left the house without a word to me. So my parents get there and I found out from another co-worker that Princey went for dinner. I leave without saying goodbye.

On the ride home Prince calls me, but I don't answer because I'm having a conversation with my parental units. He calls again and again I don't pick up. He calls me a third time and I figure I better answer before he loses his head in frustration.

The poor boy thought I'd left Camp for good since next week we don't technically have to work.

He made me dinner.

He fed it to the cats.

When he found out I'd left he threw the peanut butter jar across the room and slammed the door.

I felt so bad.

But on the bright side I'm going back to Camp tomorrow to finish up some stuff and maybe work Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, I think I'll get back to a more regular posting schedule when I get back to school. Sorry I haven't been too terribly interesting all summer.

sleeping on the couch during FOOF

expert bow positions during yoga class :)


  1. just stopping by from SITS to saay hi; hope you'll do the same. glad princey wasn't mad at you for trying to break his nose!

  2. Sorry about the tension between you and Prince! I'm sure things will all come back together again soon.

    Camp sounds like fun!

  3. I sound like I have anger issues. x_x

    I don't turn my head away and push you because I'm mad, but rather because I don't want to admit you hurt me and to say 'I'm stuff.'

    Guys try to be macho.
    This one blew up in my face.
    I thought you were mad at me when you left and didn't talk to me, so I left to make you dinner to apologize but you were gone so I thought you were angry beyond belief and then I felt upset.:(

    Things are better now. :)


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