Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Decorated Anticipation

So today was my last day of work at Twinlow for the summer. I came home to an eye doctore appointment and was told my eyes loved me so much that they needed some glasses. So I'm going to become a very cute 4-eyes and Princey will love me just as much as he did before. He helped pick out my frames.

My mom wanted him to come home with us for dinner.

(She says he's a keeper.)

(And she was keeping a dirty low down rotten secret from me that she almost blabbed about to Princey but thought otherwise.)

She tried to entice him with the lucious pulled pork that was dinner, but even though he would have loved pork over the chicken that was served at his house, still he decided to stay. I think he just missed home - which is understandable because the boy hadn't been there in over a week. Whatevs. He's a lot different than I am in some ways.

BUT as it turns out the real reason my mom wanted him to come home with us was because of the dirty secret that she didn't tell him.

Our Yukon XL in all it's glory pulled into the drive way after 6 o'clock this evening and my beautiful mother hit the door to open the garage. As the door slowly creaked it's way up, it revealed the most amazing thing I've seen all day. (Excluding my friend Vampire's epic display of his newly learned wake boarding talents.)

It was




I would show you a picture of the epicness that is my new ride, but there are none yet. It's a beautiful white Mitsubishi Lancer and I LOVE IT beyond all reason. Seriously. I probably love my new car as much as Tia loves the Twilight Series. And that's saying something.

Anyway, I suppose I may post something of actual excitment tomorrow for those of you who care. :)


  1. How exciting!!! I smiled when I read this. Congrats.

    Visiting from SITS.

  2. Lucky you!!! I would love to see a picture of it!


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